Out of all the things for which I admire famous celebrities, their gorgeous kids comes on the top!

I always wonder, what is in their genes that translates into such pretty people, making me go green with envy every time I see their pictures on Instagram.

And the thing is, they are never trying really hard to look so gorgeous.

It simply comes naturally to them.

Don’t trust me?

Here are some of the most gorgeous celebrity kids who have grown up into such beautiful human beings.

1. Connor Cruise

Well, this one has genes from Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

You cant expect him to be anything less than breathtakingly beautiful.

And, he surely is.

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 2. Bella Kidman Cruise

Well, duh!

The daughter of these two amazingly pretty celebrities is meant to be nothing less than a diva,

Bella is quite popular on Instagram, and her fierce pictures make people go crazy every time she posts them.

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3. Sasha and Malia

These two girls of the former president Obama have a fan following of their own.

As they never threw any start tantrums, nor ever demanded any kind of extra protocol, they are loved by all.

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4. Sosie Bacon

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick gave birth to an adorable girl names Sosie Bacon, who is now one of the most followed celebrity kids across the globe.

Also, it seems so unreal than Kevin Bacon has such a grown-up daughter!

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5. Liv Freundlich

Liv Freundlich, the daughter of Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich, is a carbon copy of her mother.

She has stollen her gorgeous features and has grown into a beautiful young lady!

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