If you have gained some amount of weight on your body and now you are ashamed of it, you do not have to worry! There are several ways through which you can do that and if you are thinking like it’s not possible, you are probably wrong. It has been proved several times that with dedication and hard work, you can pull off whatever you seek for.

Over the last some years, we have seen some amazing examples telling us the story of the weight loss journey. There are so many celebrities who have moved from FAT to FIT making it possible for us as well. If you are struggling and losing hope, look up to these celebrities and you will feel optimistic once again.

1) Anna Gunn

If you say that you are unaware of who Anna Gunn is, you must be living under a rock or something. Anna Gunn got quite popular after her stint in the famous Breaking Bad that broke all the records of popularity. However, she is not famous only for her role in the series but in real life, she was quite admired for her weight loss. Her before and after pictures show her amazing transformation that makes people go green with envy!

2) Austin Russell

Austin Russell had always been ridiculed for his weight! When he started his stint in the show Pawn Stars, he had to go through a lot of criticism owing to his weight. However, after a constant workout of six months, he showed the world that you can achieve what you dream of! For the actor, now it is all about eating the right thing and that too, in the right proportion to stay healthy and active.

3) Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold is no doubt one of the most amazing actors that we have. However, when we all got used to watching him with lots of fat around his body, he suddenly decided to bring a huge change in his personality by losing all the extra weight that he had! According to him, the birth of his son persuaded him into the weight loss journey.

4) Graham Elliot

The weight loss goal achieved by Graham Elliot is without any doubt one of the bests one can ever witness. The former judge of master chef lost almost 128 pounds after working out and choosing a balanced diet.

5) Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson who is always known for her good looks is now known for her great body as well! Her drastic change in body shape showed the efforts that she made in the gym. This American singer is surely quite hailed for her amazing voice. However, for some time now, the main thing published in a tabloid is about her amazing weight loss, which she accomplished within a time of two years. Her new album is soon to be launched that will show her in the newly gained figure and will surely get her more fans.