Multiple people around the globe suffer from UTI or urinary tract infections. The problem is more common in women than men due to the closeness of the urethra and anus that causes the transfer of bacteria faster. Almost 50-60% of females have face UTI once in their life.

Having UTI can be painful as the pressure increases on that bladder, resulting in the increased frequency of urination. The infection becomes more agonizing with a burning sensation that occurs while urinating. Some people even notice blood or pus while urinating. A person may even feel cramps. On top of this, fever is a common symptom among children.

Luckily, there are various remedies for curing UTI. Herbal teas can also help deal with the infection. Here are some effective herbal teas you can take in this regard:

  1.    Cranberry Tea

Cranberry has astringent properties that help it fight against bacteria. It also has the potential to heal. That is the reason that this tea helps against the urinary tract infection as it will heal the urinary tract. Make a cup of cranberry tea when you feel the symptoms of infection appearing to get relief faster.

You can get the tea bag from the market but make sure it doesn’t have sugar in it. Alternatively, you can boil fresh berries with water and drink the tea to treat the infection.

  1.    Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is another herbal tea that can be taken when it comes to treating UTI. Ginger with its anti-inflammatory properties helps in healing the urinary tract. It also boasts a high antioxidant content that assists in fighting the disease. Ginger is also credited for the functioning of kidney.

For making ginger tea, peel ginger and slice it. Boil water and add these sliced pieces, let it simmer for a few minutes and then drink the tea. This can also help you fight fungus.

  1.    Green Tea

Green tea comes with multiple benefits. It greatly helps the metabolic function. You can take a cup of green tea on daily basis. It also helps in the treatment of urinary infection. Other than this, green tea has the power to fight inflammation that soothes the urinary tract in the event of a UTI.

Teabags for green tea are easily available in the market and can be taken. Or you can get dried green tea leaves and prepare you tea using them.

  1.    Horsetail Tea and Dandelion Tea

Next on the list is horsetail herb mixed with dandelion herb to make the tea. Horsetail has astringent properties, which make it work against the inflammation in the urinary tract. This herb also works to remove all sorts of toxicity and aids in the treatment. On the other hand, the dandelion herb works on the bladder and kidneys and ensures their functioning better. It is a diuretic, which means that it can help with difficulty in urinating.

For making this tea, you need a tablespoon of both dried dandelion and horsetail. Add them in boiling water. You can also add honey for adding flavor to the mixed tea.

  1.    Marshmallow Root Tea

Marshmallow root tea also works effectively when it comes to UTI. It works on both controlling the bacteria as well as cleansing the bladder. This function makes it easier for the urinary tract to heal. In addition to this, the herb reduces bleeding that occurs due to the infection.

You can make marshmallow root tea by having a warm cup of water. Put the roots on cheesecloth and place it on the top of the cup. Then, pour the water through it. Take this tea for infection.

These are few of the herbal teas that you can take at home to reduce symptoms of UTI. However, it is essential to contact your doctor for antibiotics.