Hollywood is a packed place. To stay relevant, a celebrity doesn’t just need paparazzi to capture their photos. They need to be audience-favorites, deliver blockbusters, take up roles that shed more light on their talent, and look dapper. If any ingredient is missing, it doesn’t take time for an actor to be replaced, shoved out of the way, and eventually get forgotten.

This has happened with several celebrities and may happen to even more soon. The names you love to hear today may not even be in the movies or on your newsfeed tomorrow. Of the many celebs who’ve lost that attention, here are 5 names that have recently been erased. Read on to know:

1 – Tom Felton

Tom Felton gripped the hearts of fangirls as a young boy. He was known, and people still do remember him, for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. Unfortunately, though, time hasn’t blessed his career.

Once Felton’s work for the HP franchise came to an end, Felton decided to rap. His music didn’t manage to become anything more than viral content. He did do a few small roles here and there, but no movie has gained him much attention after the HP movies.

It seems as though directors have forgotten all about him. In fact, even Daniel Redcliff is hardly ever seen in movies anymore. Of all the young stars who appeared in the HP movies, it’s only Emma Watson who is still relevant, still someone people get to see often.

2 – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The Olsen sisters were superhit childhood stars, but age didn’t favor their acting careers. They rose to fame with It Takes Two in the 90’s and the last time they were ever seen on the big screen was in 2004’s New York Minute.

There were also books that revolved around their adventures but ever since their downfall, there’s just so little we hear about them. But this doesn’t mean they’re struggling; the sisters are in the fashion industry as designers right now.

Their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, has a way more successful acting career than them as she’s most known for her role as Wanda or the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel movies.

3 – Taylor Lautner

Don’t get us wrong, Taylor Lautner has been around. He’s been in several movies and TV series and sometimes we still get to see him. However, he has not been able to maintain the fame that the Twilight movie series had brought him.

Lautner played the role of a werewolf named Jacob in the franchise. It didn’t take him much time to capture the attention of the ladies when he took up the role. After the last movie in the series though, he never regained that same level of fame.

We still do remember him though as he makes sure to make a comeback every now and then. His career may not be as successful but its still going.

4 – Lindsey Lohan

Lohan may have had a main role in Mean Girls, but she didn’t get much after that. The actress now often tries to stay relevant by being part of controversies. Recently she threw some shade on Zendaya which didn’t win her any many points.

In fact, Amanda Seyfried is doing way better than her even though her role in Mean Girls was not as much in the spotlight. There was a time Lindsay was the It girl. She was known for various talents – acting, dancing, singing, what not! The success got to her head and so did her partying habits.

Various reports covered her completely unprofessional behavior on set from being late and disappearing to not knowing her lines. It seemed as though she just didn’t want to work anymore. Not to forget she became known for drug and substance abuse as well as stealing. Not good.

5 – Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel was once someone every movie-goer knew of. Now? Not so much. She’s not someone everyone knows anymore. In fact, she’s faded in the background. There are several reasons behind that. Some say that her movies were never that good to begin with.

Her resume didn’t bring her many opportunities. They say Biel needed a role that made her stand out for being able to stay in the industry’s top names. That didn’t happen for her. In fact, it is even said that marriage to Justin Timberlake made her look boring.

Because then he took most of the attention of the two. Others are of the view that Jessica deliberately decided to ditch Hollywood when she became a mother. Unfortunately, now Jessica is only known as JT’s wife or Chris Evans’ ex-girlfriend.