Bloating and gas can be mortifying. Not only does your stomach bulge out because of the gases circulating in it but uninvited flatulence also accompanies. Imagine having these digestive concerns interfere in your routine when you are giving a presentation. The gurgling noises in your tummy can not only be embarrassing but also painful and uncomfortable.

Bloating can be caused due to a number of reasons from drinking carbonated beverages, chewing gum and swallowing air to eating too much fiber or salt. However, this problem can be dealt with through some simple body movements.

That being said, here are 4 simple body movements that can help relieve you of bloating and gas:

1 – Talk A Stroll

Walking is underrated. The simple, low-intensity workout can actually improve your health in a number of ways. To expel the gas rumbling around in your tummy, you can simply take a short walk. Such physical activity can also be carried out by those who feel bloated at night. Since walk doesn’t awaken your senses like another strenuous exercise can, it doesn’t shoo your sleep away but does work to calm down your stomach.

2 – Stretch In Bed

If you’ve already climbed in your bed when your stomach starts to complain about gas and bloating, you simply can hug your knees to your stomach to relax it. Such a position can release any gas that is in your lower intestine. If the position causes pain though, don’t forcefully carry it out. Another simply movement of stretching in bed such as twisting your legs from one side to another can also be of assistance in getting rid of night-time bloating.

3 – Squat Down

Squatting by bending your knees in such a way that your bottom almost reaches the ground is another simple movement that can relieve you of gas and bloating. To stay in the position, you can use your arms for support. Either put your hands on your knees or on the floor in front of you. Maintain this position until you feel gas moving around. In fact, squatting down can also lead to a bowel movement. Experts agree that this is the best position for pooping.

4 – Massage Your Abdomen

Remember how mum used to give your tummy a massage when you told her you had a stomachache as a kid? Looks like mum’s soothing technique can help you as an adult too. Massaging your abdomen gently and properly in a way that the entire area of the gastrointestinal tract is covered can improve motility. It can sometimes help get rid of bloating and gas as well. This is because gas can also be caused by bacterial overgrowth in the GI tract.

To sum up, there are several simple physical movements that can come to aid to relieve you of gas and bloating. The main ones include taking a walk, squatting down, stretching in bed, and massaging your stomach.