Have you been struggling to notice your skin look flawless lately? If you haven’t changed your product, why is it that it is no more showing the results that it once did? We’ve all been here – the space between whether you should stick to the product that you’ve been relying on for far too long because of its effectiveness or to ditch it and try another product?

At the end of the day, if a product stops showing the positive results it once did, it has to go out. But what is it that causes it to become ineffective all of a sudden?

To help you understand, here are some reasons behind why a trustworthy product may have suddenly stopped working the way it did. Perhaps you’ll find the culprit of this problem here.

1 – The product has expired

We’re far too lazy when it comes to checking expiration dates before purchasing something. When it comes to skincare, you should always keep as keen an eye as you do when purchasing food. After all, you’re going to put an item on your face, and you don’t want any awful reactions.

Always check the expiration date. There’s a huge chance your product has stopped working because it has reached its death time. Most skin care products are good to use for 6 to 12 months. Know that natural products typically have a shorter life than chemical ones due to lack of preservatives.

2 – The ingredients don’t suit you

There’s a huge chance that an ingredient in the composition of the product is not suiting your skin. This can happen when your skin changes as well or when a company adds a new component in their formula that you’re habitual of using.

In such a case the only option you have is to look for a different product one that contains an alternative ingredient that does deliver the benefits that you’re looking for but, of course, minus the harm that the previous ingredient was causing.

3 – You’re not storing your product right

Another thing that most people don’t pay any attention to are the storage instructions of products. If you store your products incorrectly, there with be negative consequences. Most products shouldn’t be kept in a humid area or directly in the sun.

Doing so can cause a reaction that makes the product look or feel different and even work differently. For instance, if you place your sun block on the dashboard of your car, heat that hits it can ruin it for use which means it can irritate your skin when you apply it.

4 – There’s a problem with the product’s quality

Okay, last but not the least, there can also be a problem in the quality of a product. It is very much possible that the product doesn’t contain high-quality ingredients. Perhaps it contains additives that are making it less effective.

There can be a problem in the packaging or other manufacturing faults as well which can make a product bad for you even though once it worked better than just fine. If this happens, you need to leave the product be and get another one.

So, you see there can be many reasons why a once beloved product is no more useful. It can be that the product is of low quality or is expired. It can also be that one of the ingredients doesn’t suit you or perhaps that you placed it incorrectly.