January 17, 2022

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-30%, this PS5 stock is pure madness

Finding PS5 stocks in 2021 is almost a miracle. Although it has been officially released for over a year, nothing has helped. Sony cannot produce enough to meet the demand. According to the company, it will not be able to meet the demand before 2023. So be patient and increase some flash sales within that.

This Friday December 10 from 10:00 am, Which is the SFR that provides a few hundred shares of the PS5. If you definitely want to have the PlayStation 5 before the Christmas holidays, this is a great opportunity. It is necessary to subscribe to a box in his place, but you have two advantages: 1) It will cost you 30% cheaper and 2) Guaranteed free delivery to you next week.

I take the offer

Even on Black Friday, the stock of PS5s was low. The French are far from satisfied, and they are even in misery. Although the standard console costs 4 499, some people buy it on the black market for over 500 1,500 each. Instead of breaking the bank, you can take advantage of this great offer presented by SFR from 10:00 am this Friday.

The policy is as follows: You are subscribing to an SFR Powerbox, instead ISP allows you to access its PS5 shares. This is a special offer, SFR only offers in its range. No other operator did. In addition, Internet merchants such as Amazon or Cdiscount will no longer hold any stock of PS5s before Christmas.

Last chance to get the PS5 before Christmas

Despite Sony’s interest in this new console, the public is not satisfied. While more than a hundred million users are waiting for the PS5 stock, only ten million units have been produced. In France, frustration is high, especially for console holders who appreciate its exceptional performance. If you want to enjoy playing games, SFR is the only solution.

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If you want to get the PS5 in your hands before Christmas, you have to go through the SFR box. You are lucky, his offer is very interesting for many reasons. First you get the PS5. But you will most likely have a lower price on the console. Finally, it comes with a web box (and fiber) that ensures an extreme speed of enjoying all the performance of the Sony console.

For those who want to get the best experience with their PS5, having good internet speed is a must. This is exactly what SFR offers in this offer that combines the two. Contrary to what you may think, changing your web box is easy: you only need a few minutes to relocate. Keep in mind that the ISP will refund you up to 100 euros for the layoff fee.

We have already stated that the share of PS5 has been reduced. So to enjoy the PlayStation 5 console, you need to hurry to fill out the form. Unless you have a complete application, you can not guarantee the availability of a new Sony console. So should Get ready this Friday at 10:00 am When the sale opens so as not to miss the boat.

To find this PS5, click here:

I take the offer

To get this PlayStation stock, you need to pick up the SFR Power Box. This is the most complete and powerful formula of FAI. You get the best speed possible without harming your PS5 which is connected via Wi-Fi. Here, it will increase to 1 Gb / s for download and 500 Mb / s for sending. You also get 200 TV channels with unlimited calls and 4K decoder. This is the best product available, it is suitable for playing on PlayStation 5.

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The PlayStation is exclusively on SFR

At first glance, the SFR was not the first player we thought would buy the PS5. However, the operator has already offered us two similar offers in the past. Anyway, the flash sale was over in a few hours. This Friday, December 3, 2021 will be the same situation. Those who absolutely love the console for the holidays know that this is their last chance.

There are two consoles for this sale. One taken by the storm is the PS5 standard, which allows you to play with physical disks. This is not the case with the digital version of the PS5 that comes without a disk drive. However, it is 100 euros cheaper and offers the same performance. If you do not want to leave your games (if you do not want to resell them), you can use this dematerialized version as well.

However, this PS5 stock is going very fast. So you will have to retreat in some of the units in stock. To avoid this sale, we can only advise you to go to the SFR site and prepare yourself (if you arrive by 10:00 am). The counter shows the remaining time until the offer is available. So, at that time it is necessary to refresh the page, click the button and quickly verify your purchase.

As always, the public is waiting for PS5 shares. For those who want to have fun with the latest most popular games (Spiderman …), this is a unique opportunity. You can get the classic PS5 for 341 euros, while the digital version is 241 euros. Their official prices are 499 and 399 euros respectively.

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The PS5 offer starts here at 10:00 am:

I take the offer