Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are all the internet has been talking about since the release of their new song, Señorita. The video dropped three days back and instantly took a trending spot on YouTube with many simply enjoying the pair’s performance and even more expressing how they could make a hot couple.

The song has taken up the first rank on Spotify having received 7,309,258 streams only yesterday, on June 23. On worldwide iTunes song chart as well, Señorita is reigning at the top. Because all this praise is not enough, the song’s video has also broke YouTube records by being the first to receive the most views – more than 26 million – on the platform within 24 hours.


This is not the first time the In My Blood singer and Havana songstress have come together for a creating a hit. In 2016, their song I Know What You Did Last Summer came out and that too was appreciated massively by fans. Now with this new song, Mendes and Cabello have people saying a lot of different things, not just about the state of their relationship with one another but more than that.

Let’s take a glimpse at how Señorita’s video has been received by the masses.

1 – People think they are more than friends

You’d remember how at more than one occasion these two have said that they are best friends. However, people have always doubted that, and some think they must have dated somewhere in their friendship timeline.

But knowing that the former Fifth Harmony singer is currently dating Matthew Hussey often works to give a confirmation that Shawn and Camila are truly nothing more than friends.

Now with this video having dropped, people are again wondering if there is more to their relationship than just friendly terms. From YouTube to Twitter, fans everywhere have been saying that these two have a burning chemistry between them in their new vid and they’ve even made out in public, in a way, officially.

As Camila Cabello sings in the song, “You say we’re just friends / But friends don’t know the way you taste, la-la-la.” People literally cannot stop shipping these two!

2 – Fangirls are heartbroken

If you take a look at the comments’ section on Shawn Mendes’ Instagram, you’d notice how so many fangirls are sad. It’s not because they don’t like the song, of course, they love it. It’s just that the video is making people think Shawn Mendes is taken which is heartbreaking for them.


The situation is so dire for young fangirls that they’ve even written that they’re unfollowing Shawn! They’re probably kidding but hey, pretty strong lovers this guy has got, no?

“I wish this is just project not real,” typed a fan in response to a still from the song of Shawmilla (that’s their ship’s name apparently) making out shared by Shawn Mendes himself. Another diehard fan wrote, “I is hurt.” It’s clear that Shawn’s female fans prefer his single status better.

3 – Some are confused about the lyrics

The part in the song where both Shawn and Camila sing “I love the way you call me Señorita” has left some fans confused. Trolls are jumping in as well and saying that Mendes just hinted at his gender. However, not all are dumb like that.

Most people are aware that though spoken word doesn’t have punctuation marks, the lyrics to this song actually do. Clearly, Shawn means to say this line with a comma. Instead of “I love the way you call me Señorita” that Camila sings, Shawn’s singing “I love the way you call me, Señorita” Get it? Grammar makes all the difference folks.