December 9, 2021

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2021 MacBook Pro Review: New Hope

Over the past few days we have been reviewing many aspects of this 2021 generation MacBook Pro. It is time to end with the final points regarding their use. These machines are exceptional in many ways. This often prevents some mistakes from being temporary.

After a few days of use, even when sitting mainly, where we move, the massive appearance of these laptops is not so quickly forgotten. In the larger design it is less sensitive – 16 “Intel was already a pretty beast, and in this diagonal we are more or less – 13 against 14”.

Design: The end of the meal

Our eye, which has been used for many years for sharpening machines, takes some time to breastfeed. A new rule is in place at Apple, where we will not hesitate to clear up past theories to establish new ones based on pragmatism … and more customer asking.

There was a precursor with the very closed portable Mac Pro of 2013, which was replaced in 2019 by a taller, open tower. Repeat with this MacBook Pro. The 2021 limit marks the end of a period defined by a specific philosophy for portable machines, and it lasted six years.

It is very common for computers to become thinner, and when the reverse occurs, the brain must necessarily adjust. And this is not just a question of visual perception. If between 13 “Intel / M1 and 14” is more than 200 grams, the iPhone 13 is included in the scale. At first glance at the machine, I had the thought of looking at one of those countless laptop PCs. Have borrowed heavily from the design Apple but without the refinement.

2021 MacBook Pro Review: A Big Change

2021 MacBook Pro Review: A Big Change

There are no upgraded parts for the new MacBook Pros yet.

There are no upgraded parts for the new MacBook Pros yet.

As each new iPhone is marketed, we want Apple to come up with a range of custom covers for this family release – either on its own or with selected partners. MacBook redesigns are rare enough to surprise such a missed opportunity. We can bet that the Apple Store will see covers coming soon, because these machines will show solidity but will want to protect their investment very carefully.

There is no MacBook Pro inscription under the screen, the signature is now stamped in metal under the laptop

Notch does as it pleases

If you were told one day that Apple would disable Intel, AMD and Nvidia for its Macs, you might be laughing. When the iPhone X was released, you would have had the same reaction if you had predicted that its peak would one day hang from the top of your MacBook screen.

Since the name of the MacBook Pro has been erased from the screen, Notch now allows the portable Mac to be identified without error from the PC.

After the initial surprise, this climax is forgotten … or almost. It all depends on the software you use. You can quickly stop worrying about it for the simplest reason: you spend most of your time with your gaze on the large central and horizontal area of ​​the screen. We only make brief attempts at the menu bar and, again, work through the most active keyboard shortcuts among you. So this peak is seen outside the field of view, especially in the 16 “model with its large screen.

However, by its very nature, it helps to thicken the menu bar. On other laptops, the bar seems to be cramped compared to the almost packed menu names. There is a lot of space around the titles here, creating a very clear distance with the open menu below, as you can see in some iPadOS interface elements. It has no functional impact, which is a visible aesthetic difference.

Screen shots don’t reflect that, but the top two corners of this MacBook Pro’s screen are noticeably rounded. Corner menus like the Apple One have selection modules
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