A lot of weird, strange and unexpected pieces of news have been around ever since the year 202 has started. With every passing day, the year is getting weirder and people are getting used to the most unexpected twists and turns happening in their lives. The latest news, however, is the most obnoxious news that we have heard in a long time. Donald Trump, the President of the United States Of America, has just been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the coming year.

The ‘achievement’ for which he is being considered for this prize is his HISTORIC PEACE AGREEMENT, that he brokered between United Arab Emirates and Israel. The nomination also says that the President has made great efforts to ensure that the ‘peace in the World is restored’.

If you are wondering who has nominated him for this prize, it is the right-wing Politician from Norway, Christian Tybring-Gjedde. In his nomination letter, he specified that as Trump has come up with a number of peace agreements and solutions, it is he who deserves to have this prize, next year. He included the solutions of North and South Korea and Kashmir proposed by him as a reason to give him this award.

A lot of opinion leaders took to twitter and showed their represent against this nomination.

Mike Kael sure has a point.


Black lives matter!



Nominating Trump for the Peace Prize is for sure a joke. It affects the credibility of this prize itself, as well as renders the efforts made by the previous prize winners worthless.