Even though fashions fade and style is eternal, people around the world find their heads automatically bowing to what is in vogue. Really, no matter how much you hate some style, if it is in trend, you’ll eventually develop a slow yet insistent passion for trying it on. Say, for example, ruffles. There was a time when we would see our mums wearing those loose flowy sleeves in their old pictures and we’d literally cringe at the sense of fashion of those days.

Look at us now though, we’re all so into ruffles, we can’t resist the style and just have to invest in a couple of these steezy pieces. Now with 2017 behind us, we’re one year ahead in the fashion game, with new trends occupying center stage.

We’ve already discussed in which direction this year’s beauty trends would go. Here is a list of the 2018 fashion trends that will help you decide how to upgrade your wardrobe for spring and summer this year.

Glitter magic

The past year brought back shimmer in full force and then this year we’d be seeing even more of it. The sequin trend has been confirmed by big couture houses like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Chanel, Gucci, and Dior. Celebrities like Beyonce, Kendall Jenner, and more have nodded to the glitter fiesta showing us how glitter boots are rocked.

Whether you go for glitter on full display, wearing a sultry evening dress or slightly luminous embellished pieces, you’re sure to ace in the trend department. From tees, to clutch bags, we’ll be seeing luster everywhere. You’ll be spotting sparkles popping up in daytime too.

Check that

Checks are back in town and this time they seem to be in the mood of exhibiting themselves to the fullest. From checkered suits to plaid shirts, trousers, scarfs, and more, the classic print is ruling the fashion industry. Incorporate a check printed shirt in your outfit, or follow Blake Lively and Meghan Markle and go for a checkered suit.

2018 fashion trends

Not only do checks give you a stylish look, they also leave the impression that you’re someone who knows her style game very well.

Lavender and violet

Here are the colors of the year. The previous year, we saw a lot of red and the daunting shade was followed by blue. This year, all shades of purple are going to be in vogue, with violet leading the crowd after all Pantone crowned it as the color of the year, describing it as “an enchanting purple shade that offers designers versatility of expression.”

The press release further said that this purple hue is a representation of “our shared desire for deeper understanding in an increasingly complex landscape, and our eagerness to experiment to reach that level.” Violet is also high on the suggestions’ list.

Fringe love

Nothing makes outfits more fun than perfectly edgy fringe detailing. Alexander Wang and Dior have taken this trend to their heart and proven that fringes make a design standout. From jackets with fringe sleeves to accessories with fringes hugging the borders, we’ll be seeing a lot more of them this year. Be sure to treat yourself to some fringe love. Gucci and Calvin Klein have also given a thumbs-up to the fringe trend.

Keeping it sheer

Transparent clothing will be another highlight of the year. From maxis to mini dresses that are sheer, you’ll be seeing the garment rocked with briefs and bralettes. Dior has saluted this trend and so has Simone Rocha. How revealing you want to be while rocking a head-turning sheer outfit depends on your preference.

Ruffle shuffle

Valentino and Givenchy approved, ruffles are back to sit at the top of 2018 fashion trends too. If you thought that this retro style was only a one-year fling, then you got it wrong. From ruffles decorating gowns to the fullest, to a slight ruffle detailing on an off-the-shoulder dress, the style can be worn in a number of ways.

2018 fashion trends

Vintage floral

Over the past few years, we’ve seen floral prints takeover. They were resurrected from the ‘60s and they don’t seem to be making their way to the grave anytime soon. Spring 2018 would be fresh again with this print. Boots, tees, ponchos, kimonos, flowers will be blooming everywhere this year too. So, if you invested in some chic floral pieces last year, better not stuff them in the store just yet.

With florals, styling is easy. You can keep it casual or take the notch up on your style and sport a floral printed party dress in all its glory.

Plastic jackets

Forget about fur, go for plastic this year. Plastic in varying colors is now going to be seen ruling street style like a boss. Fendi, Burberry, Calvin Klein, TopShop and many more have introduced clothing items that have plastic as the main fabric. Waterproof plastics are going to be in. Better get your hands on a plastic jacket before you have to wave farewell to winter.

The past year, we saw a lot of plastic boots and some even had us snickering. But now this trend is going to be embraced by all the fashionistas out there.

Jumpsuits are in

Casual clothing takes a classy and cool turn with jumpsuits this year. This overall essential will be seen rocked not just at hangouts but also at work. Utility jumpsuits in loose and slouchy styles are in vogue and you’ll be seeing this tomboy style rocked as an everyday basic just like your regular tee and jeans. Prep up for spring with a denim jumpsuit and another in a pastel shade to look your best trendy and fabulous self.