Off for a trip to some far-off island? Planning to make nothing but memories you’ll cherish forever? While even the thought of travelling is fun, what is not any fun at all is packing. Specifically, when you do it at the last minute. No one forgets to stuff their clothes and shoes, but unfortunately in the hustle and hassle of prepping up for the trip, there are some essentials that we often leave behind and regret doing so.

To help you out and keep such issues of leaving things behind from ruining your travels, we have compiled a list of things that you should definitely pack when travelling.

  1. Earphones

What is life without music? Pointless. Imagine yourself sitting in a tram and wanting to shut out the noises that invade your ears. Or just the need for a good song to accompany you as you loiter in the streets? If not at these two instances, you’ll at least need your headphones when you wait at the airport or are flying with nothing else to do. Don’t forget to toss these in your carry-on.

  1. Umbrella

If you are travelling to a country where there are chances of rain, don’t forget your umbrella behind. No one likes to get drenched when it pours. It would be a good idea to take an umbrella along rather than buy one when you reach because you most probably wouldn’t be aware of the places where you can get one for cheap.

  1. Charger

Despite the fact that the phone’s charger is basically what everyone’s life depends on, what happens mostly is that people forget this necessity behind. Most people pack such accessories right before they are leaving because obviously their phone needs a charging before they head out of their rooms. This is why setting a reminder for taking your charger along is a must.

  1. Camera

Have you really travelled if there’re no proof to show it? Of course, you have but still, taking a camera along is something that you shouldn’t forget doing. Sure, you have a camera in your phone and you’re not going to forget your phone behind. However, it is always a great idea to invest in a camera that can better capture the moment, one that is made for this purpose.

  1. USB

So, you’re clicking dozens of pictures, more than a ton of yourself, dozens of the views you pass by and then, your phone runs out of battery! Now that is an awful scenario that you wouldn’t want to encounter. This is why, we urge you to take a potable storage device along. Don’t wait to pack a USB device in your bag at the last moment.

  1. Sunscreen

If you’re a girl, you’ll definitely not forget your makeup behind. If you happen to be a man, we can bet your shaving items would be tucked into your backpack already. But one thing that many forget taking along? Sunblock. If your travel destination is a place with beaches and a lot of sun, we’re sure that you wouldn’t want to miss visiting the sea. So, better take sunscreen along unless you plan to get a burn in the name of a tan.

  1. Medication

We bet you wouldn’t want to go from one drug store to another in a country you are a traveler in. This is why you should never ever forget your tablets behind. Painkillers, paracetamol, multivitamins, or any other tablets that you might need; put those in your bag immediately. Stuff in your prescriptions, just in case.

  1. Snacks

Plan to purchase your snacks at the airport? If you are also planning on staying in your budget, it would be a severely bad idea to buy candy at the airport. Everything over there is literally overpriced to an extreme extent. And hunger doesn’t need your permission to strike. So, don’t forget to pack your snacks as well before heading out.

  1. First aid

Don’t forget your first aid kit behind either. In case of a minor accident, it would always serve you well to have first aid items sitting right beside you. Depending on total strangers in a foreign land? Sounds romantic but better not take a risk. We’re sure there are clinics everywhere, but you’ll need your first aid essentials until you find out about the whereabouts of any hospitals close by.

  1. Sunshades

No sunglasses, no sass. Just kidding. It’s just not that sunshades make you look cool. It’s also that they keep your eyes protected from the sun. We recommend keeping your original expensive pair with you but also investing in a pair of cheap sunshades. The cheap ones can be worn to places where there is a potential of losing things while lost in the fun of it all.

  1. Paper bag

This one is for those people who are not comfortable with travel. Motion sickness, vertigo or if you have any such phobia that has a habit of showing up and making vomit visit you, you better take a paper bag along. Even if you don’t find a need for it in your trip to another city, you might need it mid-travelling in the city or when headed back.

  1. Slippers

While we’re pretty sure your bag wouldn’t forget to house the right footwear options for the trip, typically most leave a pair of comfy slippers or flip flops behind. If you’re not sure if all your time will be 100% spent outdoors and think that there could be hours you would be spending in the comfort of your hotel room, it would be good idea to pack your slippers.

  1. Pouch

You can’t take a huge tote bag along everywhere with all your essentials packed in it when sauntering around in a foreign land. You’ll need a pouch with you which you can take when you leave your backpack behind. You can rely on a cross-body bag or a wallet as well depending on your preference.

  1. reading material

The time wasted doing nothing at the airport, in the airplane or just about anywhere can be filled in with a book or a magazine. You can take your favorite reading material along or borrow a book from a friend or buy one from a local book shop. Don’t wait to pack this item at the eleventh hour. In particular, if you are travelling solo. You might need the company of words.

  1. Hand sanitizer

Shaking hands with strangers, touching so many things on your way, we don’t want you to get obsessed with these thoughts, but it would be a good idea to take a hand sanitizer along. You never know when the need for one arises unabated. This item you should basically consider a must-have and include along with your other hygiene products.

To sum up, travelling can be one of the best experiences of your life, don’t let such little annoyances sip even a bit of the fun away. Keep everything you need packed beforehand, and make sure your luggage is secure.