Thanks to Instagram influencers and the words that have been passed on through generation ladders, several myths regarding skin care still circulate freely in this century. If you’re someone who truly cares about his skin and wants gorgeous, radiant skin then you better be aware of these myths. Chances are you even believe in one of these because no one has corrected you over the years.

Wondering which skincare myths we’re talking about? Here are 15 things that are untrue but popularly believed when it comes to skin care:

1 – You only need a dime-sized amount of the product

This one is a lie. You’d think that your bottle of sunscreen would last you for a good two months. But that wouldn’t happen despite the claims in the advertisement because your skin sucks in more product than just a dime.

Some people may need more while some may require less product. You see, while someone who has oily skin may just need a single small squeeze of the cream to balance moisture, a person who has awfully dry skin may find that his skin sucks in two squeezes too fast and requires a third to feel like the dryness has been somewhat alleviated.

2 – Eating greasy food will make acne visit

We’ve heard this one since our teenage years. Guess it has been passed down from our grandmas. However, science doesn’t have much support to give to this myth. It’s not necessary that eating greasy foods will make you breakout.

What you do need to avoid though is dairy. Some people find that their chin and jaw area gets pimples because of consuming dairy products.

3 – You always need a toner

Many people will tell you that having a toner in your drawer full of skin care products is a must. Toners are used to remove grime and dust off your face and ready it for the application of a moisturizer. However, toners aren’t an absolute necessity.

You can do without them as well. In fact, it’s always better to eliminate as many products as possible and keep your skin care routine natural with only important must-haves such as moisturizers and the occasional exfoliation sessions.

4 – You’ll get wrinkles soon if your mother did too

Not everything that has happened to your mother’s skin is set to happen to you as well. At the end of the day, when it comes to how soon you’ll get wrinkles, lifestyle choices play a massive role while your genetics only play a 10% role in determining this.

So, if you want your skin too stay smooth and wrinkle-free for a long time, make sure you eat healthy, don’t smoke and invest in great skin care products. Sure, your skin tone, thickness, and oil balance can be inherited. But how fast your skin ages depends 70% on your choices.

5 – You should use antibacterial soap for clean skin

Another myth that has a lot of believers is that you should always use antibacterial soap to keep your skin clean from bacteria. In truth, your facial skin has millions of bacteria on it and there is no way you can be completely free of them.

Moreover, these bacteria are actually beneficial for your skin as long as they are in a positive balance. The only way to ensure no spread of bacteria is to keep your hands clean. Soap is not the best for your facial skin. Facial cleansers are way more preferable.

6 – Tanning is harmful for you

There are two kinds of people out there, those who are anti-tanning and those who are pro-tanning. You should, however, always maintain a balance here. Avoiding the sun completely is not good as your body needs vitamin D. Staying out for long hours during peak hours is not okay either though.

You should get tanned, but always apply sunscreen and make sure your sun exposure is timed and careful. Too much tanning is linked with cancer and can cause sunburns which can be painful and itchy.

7 – Touching your hand to you face causes acne

Sure, sometimes touching your hands to your face does cause acne. But this happens when your hands are dirty. For instance, if you use your phone and then use your hands on your face, the bacteria from the phone can reach your face and cause you to breakout.

After all, your phone has more bacteria on it than the toilet seat. Your nails also carry a lot of grime which means bacteria. This is why when washing your hands, you should clean underneath your nails. People with long nails need to be particularly careful about this.

8 – Natural products are better

What ingredients should and shouldn’t be a part of the composition of your preferred products depends entirely on your preference and your particular skin type. What may work for one, may not for another. There’s no solid proof that the presence of parabens or preservatives is always harmful.

In fact, preservatives make sure that your product lasts for longer. Products that are entirely naturally are more likely to catch mold, bacteria or yeast. Therefore, if you want to choose natural products over chemicals ones, always check the expiration date.

9 – Makeup will make you age faster

People are often trashed for wearing makeup for hours on end and told that they’d get wrinkles sooner for doing so. However, in truth there’s little proof that says that makeup all the time can make you age faster.

What you do need to do though, for healthy looking skin is that you must clean your face when the day ends. Because throughout the day, toxins, oil and dirt get collected and you need to wash those off for ensuring beautiful skin. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated.

10 – Hot water opens skin pores

Many may recommend you to wash your face with hot water or take a hot water bath for opening your pores and improving the appearance of your skin. However, if the water is too hot, so much so that your skin gets red after use, know that then it is too hot to be good.

Too hot water strips off the natural barriers of the skin and makes it dry. This still doesn’t mean that your choice has to be freezing cold water. It’s best to go for lukewarm water. The same way, water that’s too hot is not good for showering.

11 – You don’t need moisturizer if you have oily skin

If your skin is oily, you still need a moisturizer for balancing your skin’s pH. The only different is that you may need a different type of moisturizer and that you may require a little less amount of it every time you massage it on.

If you don’t want to follow all the steps, you can use an oil cleanser. However, note that it is always better to go for lighter products. Rather than going for a heavy creamy moisturizer, pick one that is lighter such as a lotion or a serum.

12 – You don’t need sunscreen if its not sunny

Many people are of the view that if it is not sunny, they don’t need sunscreen. On cloudy days, they don’t wear any sunscreen which is wrong. 80% of the sun’s rays still make it through the clouds and the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun keeps collecting.

In fact, even if you have dark skin, you still need sun protection. Therefore, regardless of the weather, always have your sunscreen on. The harmful rays of the sun can otherwise accelerate the aging process.

13 – You must use makeup wipes for removing makeup

Another myth we bet marketers have created. You don’t need to use makeup wipes for removing makeup. In fact, for some people who have hyperpigmentation, these wipes are not quite the right choice because they can tear at their skin and cause damage overtime when used daily.

A better idea is to use a great cleanser and then wash off your face gently with water, Makeup wipes are also not all that amazing for people wo have sensitive skin as they may contain alcohol which stings. Better reserve makeup wipes for only long nights.

14 – The more you exfoliate the better

Exfoliation is one step that you must not overdo. Several people find exfoliation satisfying and because it shows incredible results, they may feel the need to exfoliate regularly, like almost every day which is not good for the skin.

Exfoliating too much can be harsh on your skin. It can suck away its natural moisture and open the doors for infections and other imperfections by introducing free radical damage. Therefore, exfoliate not more than thrice a week. Know that even twice is enough for most.

15 – The price of a product determines its quality

We’re accustomed to believing that a product can only be worthwhile and effective if it is expensive. At the end of the day, this is not the truth. It is possible that a costly product may not suit your skin as much as a cheap one.

Because it depends on the product’s ingredients’ list more than it does on its price. Price is no indicator of how a product might suit your skin. So, don’t flash out money on expensive skin care product unless you’re sure of the ingredients and search for similar cheaper dupes.

So that sums up our list of skin care myths. Which other myths have you heard and hate with your whole heart? Tell us in the comments!