Periods or menstrual cycle is a natural phenomena and almost every woman goes through it. Menstrual cycle in a women usually starts from the age of ten to late teens and the cycle completely stops, i.e. menopause, by the age of forty-five to fifty five.

However, periods aren’t that easy. They bring along a lot of inconvenience with them. For instance, bloating, cramps, and fatigue are a few symptoms that tag along your period. This becomes troublesome if you have some important events lined up but there are a couple of ways you can induce your cycle earlier as per your convenience.

So, if you have planned your vacations around the dates of your periods, or you have your exams coming in the same week, or some deadlines at work, then here are few of the tips you can note:

  1.    Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are famously known for skipping periods or for the cramps that tag along with your date. However, these pills can also be used for inducing your menstrual cycle. It has been said that switching to your placebo pills (sugar pills) earlier can induce your period. However, it is best to consult with your doctor in advance.

  1.    Sip parsley Tea

Parsley comes from the family of herbs called emmenagogues. These herbs are responsible for the increase in blood flow in the lower region of the body, especially, the uterus. Hence, it increases the chances of your period coming earlier. Parsley is a mild emmenagogues and can be taken 3-4 times a day in form of tea.

  1.    Try turmeric

Turmeric is a commonly used spice, especially, in the south Asian region. The golden spice plays an essential role when it comes to PMS symptoms like cramps. It can reduce the pain owing to its antispasmodic qualities. It can also be used to get periods earlier than your date. You can take turmeric in various ways by adding it in your food, or by preparing its tea.  Plus, you can evenly add it to a glass of warm milk or in a mix of water and honey.

  1.    Eat papaya

One of the most common and widely used home remedies for inducing menstrual cycle is papaya. Papaya provides a good amount of heat to your body. This encourages an early period. Carotene present in papaya also increases the amount of estrogen present in your body. This hormone also helps in increasing the chance of your period coming earlier. You can the fruit or drink papaya juice.

  1.    Try vitamin C

Vitamin C is another excellent bet if you want your menstrual cycle to start early. This nutrient is responsible for reducing the level of progesterone in your body. Progesterone is a hormone that thickens the uterus walls. By reducing the level of progesterone, Vitamin C helps in initiating periods. You can either take vitamin C supplements prescribed by your doctor or drink the juice of this citrus fruit.

  1.    Exercise

Exercise is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is considered quite important when it comes to maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle. Women who are overweight due to disturbed menstrual cycle are told to work out in order to regulate their cycle. That is the reason, that a set of intense workout can help induce your period. However, be cautious and don’t overdo yourself as it may cause some harm.

  1.    Have a hot Bath

Stress can take a toll on your body and a hot bath is one of the finest ways to relax you both mentally as well as physically. This is the reason that a warm bath is known for inducing your early periods. Plus, the heat may also help in speeding up the process of menstruation. It also helps with easing them PMS symptoms. To reap the maximum benefits from your warm bath, add some scent or essential oils to your bath water.

  1.    Drink ginger tea

Ginger has been linked with periods. Some say it is good when it comes to menstrual cramps while others associate it with accelerating the menstrual cycle. Ginger is a commonly used as a home remedy for inducing periods. Since taking raw ginger isn’t a very appealing idea, you can make yourself a cup of ginger tea and enjoy it.

  1.    Enjoy tropical Juices

Tropical juices are not only healthy but extremely tasty as well. These are packed with vitamin C, which helps bring early periods. Tropical juices contain a good amount of vitamin C. On top of that, tropical fruits provide heat to the body that assists in inducing periods. You can take a glass of juice of any tropical fruit such as mango, pomegranate, guava, and so on as part of your early period remedy.

  1.    Use Castor Oil and hot water bags:

Castor oil and hot water bags also help in getting faster results. To be price, these help to fast-forward your period date by a couple of days. Castor oil increase the blood circulation to the uterus and ovaries. Hence, this is one of the best options when it comes to encouraging an early period. On the other hand, hot water bags provide with the warmth needed for your periods. Moisten a towel with castor oil and place it on your lower abdomen. Put a hot bag on top of it.

  1.    Try black cohosh

Another herb that can be used for bringing periods earlier is Black Cohosh. It is responsible for working on the uterus and is considered to be helpful in inducing your menstrual cycle. This herb is associated with a lot of medicines and the supplements can be bought if you want to bring your period earlier or regulate your menstruation cycle. However, people with blood pressure and the liver problem should avoid this.

  1.    Give a shot to cinnamon

Along with turmeric, another spice that you can get from your kitchen to bring your periods earlier is cinnamon. Hydroxy Chalcone in cinnamon helps in maintaining the insulin level of your body. Along with it, cinnamon has a warmer effect. Since periods can be induced by providing extra warmth to the body, cinnamon can lend a helpful hand. Cinnamon is also useful in PMS symptoms and for women with PCOS.

  1.    Drink coconut water

Coconut water is also helpful when it comes to bringing periods early. There are various nutrients and substances present in coconut water that help in adjusting your period date to an earlier one. This has a significant effect and can even induce periods within a day. Take it on an empty stomach in the morning and then have your brunch. Then, have it empty stomach in the evening. The results will be definite.

  1.    Use coriander Seeds

Another member of emmenagogue family is coriander seed. This is a herb family that is related to bringing periods earlier. Hence, coriander seeds can be used to induce an early period. Boil water with coriander seeds enough to reduce the water to half of the quantity which was initially taken. Drink this water in lukewarm state three times a day.

  1.    Take soy Milk

Soy milk is high in estrogen which is directly related to the flow of blood and the menstrual cycle. Increase in the intake of soy milk can aid in inducing the menstrual cycle. It can help in curing the irregularity of the periods along with it. If taken 2-3 times a day, it will help in getting your desired result.

Next time when you are worried about your period dates, or you have some important days lined up go for these natural remedies that can help you in bringing your periods earlier than your schedule. It is essential to bear a  few things in your mind. For the girls who haven’t gotten their period at all, these might not be much helpful recommending a doctor is a better option. And those who have irregular periods should also check with a doctor for a proper solution.