Your calorie burning count is estimated by how much energy you spend while engaging in an activity. The mainstream belief is that exercise is the only way to burn maximum calories. However not all of us are into strenuous workout sessions. What’s more, exercise alone may not be enough to help you shed off those excess pounds and calories.

A professional can best chalk out a full-fledged calorie burning strategy specifically for your body’s needs. But did you know that there are small, unusual ways as well in which you can maximize the number of calories you burn? Yes, there. Some simple activities can contribute to calorie burning and slimming you down if only you added more of them to your routine.

Wondering what we’re talking about? Here are 14 unusual ways your body burns more calories that you can easily include in your routine:

1 – Chew gum

Some research shows that chewing gum can lower your appetite by making you feel fuller for longer. It can also up your metabolic rate for when you are at rest. However, make sure that you don’t chew on sugary gum as sugar doesn’t do your overall health or your teeth much good.

2 – Fidget more

Fidgeting refers to small movements such as shaking a leg fast white seated or moving your fingers absentmindedly. Though considered a characteristic of nervousness or anxiousness, fidgeting can help with burning way more calories. This is why some experts are of the view that people should deliberately add more fidgeting movements to their day.

3 – Play the guitar

Playing the guitar for at least two hours can help you lose a significant about of calories. So, while improving your music skills by strumming a guitar’s strings, you are doing your weight a favor as well. Know that playing a guitar while walking around burns more calories than while standing which, in turn, burns more calories than playing a guitar while seated.

4 – Laugh more

Looks like a good belly laugh doesn’t only bring people closer, relax them, and boost their mood by releasing feel-good hormones called endorphins. In fact, laughter also burns more calories by accelerating metabolism.

5 – Try canoeing

If you have a suitable stream of water near your home, perhaps you and your friends should regularly go canoeing. Paddling is a light-intensity exercise that can burn a good amount of calories. Not to forget it also improves your cardiovascular fitness and supports your mental health. Canoeing will also expose you to nature which itself comes with benefits.

6 – Go bowling

Want to hang out with your pals? Why not head to a bowling arena? In fact, even if you don’t have any friends who are interested, you could go on your own to spend some time getting a full-body workout. This way, you will be able to burn a lot of calories. Bowling will also improve your hand-eye coordination.

7 – Clean your house

Instead of hiring help, engage in cleaning your house by yourself either every day or every alternate day. Your body will get a good at-home workout that will aid in weight loss significantly. So, get moving. Pick up that mom and vacuum cleaner to wipe dust away.

8 – Dance more

Perhaps try some dancing? While to some people exercise and other forms of physical activity seem tough, dancing is something they enjoy. Belly dancing, for instance, can tone your midriff and burn some calories as well. If belly dancing is not your thing, try street dance or another form of shaking your body to the music.

9 – Take a cold bath

Cold showers can also help with calorie burning. You could take a hot shower and then cold out in the last 30 seconds of it as well. Basically, cold baths shock your body which adjusts its temperature quickly. This act accelerates metabolism and improves blood circulation. Some studies show that cold showers can help burn brown fat.

10 – Stand at your desk

Instead of sitting down to get work done, stand. When you’re standing, you burn off more calories. Considering how staying seated all the time can contribute to weight gain and slash down years from your life, standing is definitely a good idea.

11 – Take your dog for a walk

Pooches are great to have around because their presence boosts your immunity and protects your health from multiple diseases. They also force you to be active and hence, social. So, don’t forget to be a good pet parent and take your dog on a stroll everyday even if just for half an hour.

12 – Play badminton

Badminton and squash can be a great way to shed off excess pounds. You can get into the playing spirit with a couple of friends or just hang out at a sports club where you can get the opportunity to play many fun games. A great way to burn calories and spend your leisure time well.

13 – Drink cold water

Did you know that merely the act of drinking water can help supercharge metabolic activity? Well, drinking cold water might not be the best for your throat but it can help with weight loss as it has the same effect as a cold bath. This is how it helps with burning calories.

14 – Iron your clothes

Give your upper body a good workout by ironing your clothes. The activity is pretty boring, but it can help you burn calories provided you have a heap of clothes to iron. You could consider ironing your clothes for the next four days in advance. In this way, you wouldn’t have to skip any dress when going out for a spontaneous plan just because it isn’t ironed.

So, this was our list of ways you can definitely lose weight by means of staying active and burning calories. Don’t just laze around all day, focus on moving more!