Sure, we all have some set rules by our parents that we’re supposed to stick to. But if you think those are tough, you’re mistaken. That’s because the royal family, despite being wealthy, famed, and valued enough to do whatever it wants, also has some rules that it abides by and that too, quite strictly. Wondering what these are? Here’s our list of 14 royal etiquette rules that the entire family is required to follow:

1 – The Queen only wears bright colors

You must have noticed that Queen Elizabeth seems to have a preference for bright, neon eye-catchy colors. However, this has little to do with her liking and more to do with making her prominent. The Queen wears such noticeable colors so that she is easier to spot in a crowd. Imagine a group of people gathered to catch her sight and her not being visible enough. That would be a bummer.

2 – No showing cleavage

While most celebrities can be seen wearing exposing ensembles, this is something you’d have hardly ever noticed Kate Middleton or other royal women do. This is because the royals follow a strict no cleavage policy. So much so that Princess Diana used her purse to cover her cleavage when she made her way out of vehicles so that the cameras couldn’t capture any inappropriate pictures.

3 – Purses serve a great purpose

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth’s bag is what speaks for her? It’s a rule that if she switches her purse from one hand to another, the people talking must wrap the conversation. Moreover, if she keeps her purse at the dining table, the morsel you’re eating must be your last. Similarly, the Duchess of Cambridge often uses both her hands for holding her clutch to hint that she doesn’t want to shake hands.

4 – Shake hands properly

Talking about Middleton’s handshakes, did you know that the royal family has rules when it comes to those? They have a particular manner in which they shake hands which requires them to look directly in the eyes of the person they’re shaking hands with, give a firm but not painful shake that doesn’t have more than two pumps. Oh, and at the end they are to flash a graceful smile too!

5 – Wear hats before 6 pm

All formal events held before 6 pm require the royal ladies to show up in hats. You must have glimpsed that apart from tiaras, hats are another favorite headpiece of these women. Fascinators also work as seen on the wives of both Prince William, and Harry. However, after 6 pm all royal happenings are attended without hats and with tiaras on. These tiaras can be loaned or selected from their own wardrobe.

6 – The Queen decides brides’ dresses

No, by this we don’t mean that Queen Elizabeth is the one who picks out the dresses of all brides-to-be of the royal family. However, in the cases of her grandson’s wives, she has the right to make the final verdict. This is why during the entire process of the making of her wedding dress, Kate Middleton kept the Queen in the loop.

7 – No eating shellfish

Because throwing up in public is unimpressive and embarrassing, the royals do not eat shellfish in public. This is because they are to avoid food poisoning. However, while the Queen follows this rule strictly, the rest of the family isn’t required to. In fact, did you know that there is a whole list of foods that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t eat because all those foods can cause food poisoning?

8 – No taking off the coat

Another rule that the royal ladies adhere to is that they never take off their coat in public. If they are wearing a coat, they’re to keep wearing it even if they want to take it off unless they are in private. This is because taking off your coat is a very unladylike act. This explains why there are no pictures that show the royal women shrugging their coat off.

9 – Brides should have a myrtle

All the royal brides have at least a single sprig of myrtle either in their purses or in their bouquets. This tradition has been followed by both the recent royal family duchesses, aka Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Basically, the myrtle shrub is a representation of love and hope which is why the brides are required to carry it.

10 – No dark nail polish

You must have noted that the royal women never wear dark or bright nail polishes. In fact, they always stick to pale pinks, nudes, and clear polish. Even Meghan has stopped wearing brighter shades. This is because that’s just what the rules state. Surprisingly, the Queen has been wearing the same nude polish since 1989.

11 – No PDA when travelling

Ever seen a picture of Prince William even caressing his wife lovingly when in a country where modesty is preferred? We bet you haven’t because the royals follow the rule of respecting the culture of the country they are visiting. This is why when William and Kate were in India, they didn’t even touch each other in public.

12 – Pack a black outfit

When traveling, another rule applies as well – royals are required to always pack a completely black outfit. This is so that if anyone from their family passes away during their time traveling, they can show they are mourning by donning on an all-black outfit. Apart from funerals, they wear all black outfits to evening parties only.

13 – Tiaras should be worn right

First off, tiaras can only be worn by the royal women who are married. This is why, you didn’t ever get to see Meghan Markle wear one before she officially read her vows to Prince Harry. Furthermore, tiaras should be worn further back on the head at a 45-degree angle even though earlier they were worn on the front of the head.

14 – No to garlic

Did you know that garlic cannot be added to any meals at the Buckingham Palace? This is because the Queen dislikes garlic. Apart from garlic which can never be on the menu, presumably because of its smell, opinions are also to be used sparingly by the chefs of the royal family. However, the reason behind why the Queen hates onions is not known.

With this, the list of rules that dictate how the royal family must behave comes to an end. Which of these did you find the oddest? Let’s talk in the comments!