After making its way to Netflix, You has become that one series everyone is hooked to. The show which aired on Lifetime first is the story of young man and his crazy obsession with a woman. Now everyone, including Millie Bobby Brown, is binge-watching this show. And while we thoroughly enjoyed season 1 and the popcorns that we had while watching it, there are some questions surrounding it that need to be answered. Read on to know what questions have been plaguing our surprised brains.

  1. Why didn’t the police officer question Joe’s motives more?

When Joe went ahead to break into the Salinger property while Beck and Peach were there, he ran into some trees and hurt himself. Then he woke up and a police officer came across him whom he successfully fooled. However, the police officer wasn’t as foolish as Joe had thought because he did note down Joe’s car’s number. He also called at Money’s bookstore because he did have some doubts. So why didn’t he go ahead with the case? Why did he ignore it midway? Why didn’t he question what Joe was doing there around the time Peach was found dead?

  1. What happened with Joe’s pee?

After Peach Salinger’s death, her family’s hired private investigator proved that he was as lousy at his job as the police officer who never raised an eyebrow on Joe’s suspicious behavior. The PI said that a jar of pee was found and that a check was being run on it. But the show ended with a 4-month fast forward scene and from the looks of it, the pee had spiraled down the gutter. How is that possible? Why did no one question what Joe’s pee was doing at the Salinger property? Clearly, peach didn’t have a habit of collecting the excretions of random men.

  1. Why didn’t Joe’s fingertips get him caught?

Okay, so the murderer keeps hopping from one place to another and despite sealing the Salinger’s property, no one found Peach’s laptop which would surely have had Joe’s fingertips? Joe didn’t save Peach’s laptop, otherwise Beck would have found it in his bathroom. In fact, Joe never bothered to wear hand gloves. He left his fingertips at every spot in the Salinger property. Even inserted a needle in his head in an attempt to sew his cut.

  1. Why was the Salinger property unguarded and sans any maids?

Looks like fur-wearing rich Peach wasn’t so wealthy after all. Or perhaps, she just liked to do everything herself. Our point: why didn’t the property have any guards? How was it so easy for Joe to sneak in and around. There were no maids there either. Even if you ignore these two things, another question that pops up is that why the property didn’t have any cameras installed? Come on, she was the daughter of a rich man and had already been attacked once! Why didn’t she or anyone from her family care enough to take security measures?

  1. Was Candace alive or merely a ghost from Joe’s past?

At the end of the last episode, we saw Joe’s ex, Candace, saunter into the bookstore. Was this really Candace alive and well? Or was this just a memory of Joe’s that was haunting him? It seems like it truly was Candace and Joe had not killed her. He did show Beck Candace’s new Instagram account after she started to question him about her. He wouldn’t have photoshopped her pictures, right? And if she is alive, then why is Beck dead? Because her being alive would prove that Joe wasn’t that keen about killing his own love interests.

  1. Is Beck actually dead or still locked up?

That actress who plays Beck on You, Elizabeth Lail, has hinted that her character really is dead. But is she? Because, you see, we never get to see Beck’s dead face. It could be that the body that was found by the police in Beck’s therapist’s yard was Rob’s but in too dismantled a condition for the relevant authorities to determine who’s it really was. We didn’t get to see how Beck was exactly killed by Joe. It can be that he just locked her up and faked her death. Just like he probably made Candace run off to Italy.

  1. Is Paco really that dumb?

Okay, so Paco saw Joe murder Ron. He then also saw Beck trying to escape from the room downstairs. Sure, he loved Joe too much to doubt him. But did Paco not put two and two together after Beck’s death? And had he not read enough creepy novels to at least entertain the thought that Joe was the bad guy here? Perhaps, Paco will question this series of incidents in the next season. We really do hope he turns out to be a smart, good kid despite the odds.

  1. Why did no one question Ron’s disappearance?

So, parole officer Ron goes missing, entirely off the grid and no one at work wants to know what happened to him? How is that possible? No one even questioned Benji’s disappearance. We can assume that because of the sort of human Benji was, no one cared enough to ask why he had decided to stop posting pictures on social media or why he went elsewhere all of a sudden. That is what druggies do sometimes. But this guy was a parole officer, and he must have had at least some family, no?

  1. Why did Dr. Nicky not find that Joe and Beck were talking about one another?

Seriously, every character in this show had a dumb quality about them. Dr. Nicky, too. He was listening to both Joe and Beck’s stories but couldn’t figure out that they were both together. Okay, so he had lots of patients but considering he was sleeping with Beck, he should have stalked her online considering it is 2018 and curiosity kills most cats. If he had stalked her, he’d have known that she was talking about Joe all along considering they had pictures together. Perhaps, he did notice but ignored, so let’s cut You some slack here.

  1. How did Karen know Joe had did something to Candace?

We’ll assume that Karen knew about Candace and Joe’s obsession with her because Joe called out her name while dreaming about her in sleep. But how did Karen know that it was Joe who had done something wrong to Candace rather than the other way around? Why did she not buy Joe’s solid and actually true story that Candace had cheated on him? And if Karen was intelligent enough to have somehow found some evidence that Joe was the bad guy, why didn’t she run faster? Why didn’t she help Beck even a bit? She definitely wouldn’t wish death on Beck or Beck’s loved ones.

11 – Was Candace’s brother also killed by Joe?

Joe killed Beck because had he let her go, he’d have ended up in trouble. So, its clear that this murderer prefers to kill anyone who knows his darkest secrets. That is also why he killed Benji as he hadn’t kidnapped him with the intention of murdering him. This shows that there is a thick chance that Joe was also behind the death of Candace’s brother, Jimmy. Jimmy already had his doubts that Joe was the one who had killed Candace following her disappearance. Which means Jimmy could smell there was something fishy about Joe which lead Joe to kill him.

12 – And finally, why didn’t Beck use the curtains?

Do people really feel comfortable making out and pleasuring themselves in front of their windows with the curtains open? Because that is exactly what Beck kept doing. She literally did every single thing in front of the window. And if that was routine for her, why did she not have more dudes looking at her? Is it that Beck didn’t own blinds or that she disn’t mind closing them? We really don’t know why Beck chose to live such a public life. Might as well have let Joe go down on her in the furniture store.

13 – How did Joe access Beck’s messages?

Beck had two phones in the show and for some reason, she favored the same green cover for both. Anyway, that is not the point. The point is that Beck’s second phone was clearly an android. So how did Joe keep accessing her messages via the cloud? This is a mystery which we’re sure will not be solved in season 2 either. We can’t even assume that Beck’s phones are both iAndroids.

14 – How did Peach just get a concussion after being hit with a rock?

When Joe hit peach with a rock in the park while she was jogging, the hit seemed very violent. She also bled a lot. But how long did she stay in the hospital? About three days. When she did come back from the hospital, she didn’t have any signs of injury. Whereas Joe, who had hit his head on the steering wheel on his way to Peach’s property, had a bandage glued to his head for far longer. Moreover, how was Peach allowed to travel alone, without professional medical aid or advice, after such an attack and an injury like that?

To sum up, it’s pretty clear that there is a lot of explanation that You’s season 2 has to give to the audience. The second season is set to air in September this year. Until then, all we can do is read all the theories online.