No matter how cliché it sounds, most people wouldn’t bat an eyelash and tell you that the beach is their favorite spot. With the sun being warm and gentle, the sand tickling your feet, and the breeze ruffling your hair, what’s a better place anyway?

However, heading to a beach requires packing, if you plan to spend more than just an hour or two. You need to take along sun protection and enough snacks to last your cravings.

In fact, to help you out with what you should definitely consider essential for a day out at the beach, we’ve compiled an entire list. Here are 13 things that should accompany you:

  1. A Woven Tote Bag

We could have suggested you a PVC handbag but we’re more in the favor of woven totes for this summer. Even though both are equally on-trend, a woven bag would match your hat as well as the beach vibes. Make sure that the bag you take along is big enough to house all your beach day essentials.

You can get a designer one, but if you’re worried about it getting ruined with the splashes of water, go for a cheaper bag.

  1. SPF Products

While the sun may be shinning bright, don’t fall for the trap. We know a day out in the sun can be fun, but it can also harm your skin and your hair. This is why you should always have a sunscreen, SPF hair spray, and an SPF lip balm by your side when headed to a beach.

Keep the beams from burning your skin in the name of a tan. Don’t allow the harmful UV rays to leave your hair dry and brittle for the days ahead. Be smart.

  1. Flip Flops

Headed for a beach vacation? Don’t forget to take the apt footwear with you. While several people go for sneakers, we really don’t consider them a practical option where there is so much of the sun and so many grains of sand.

Unlike other sorts of trendy flats, flip flops can be easily worn and taken off. You won’t regret losing a pair if the tide decides to take one with it. It also doesn’t bake your feet and keeps you comfortable. Moreover, there are lots of cute patterns to choose from.

  1. An Extra Romper

Where there is water, the chances of getting drenched are high. Keep an extra sundress in your bag, just in case. A romper made of a light fabric would do. It would fit easily in your bag unlike a pair of jeans, and also go with the trends.

Floral patterns are totally in, so we definitely recommend one that has a flowery print. If you are the sort of person who prefers plain over printed, go for a yellow or powder blue one!

  1. Beach Towels

When at the beach, you don’t need just a single towel, typically. You need at least two. One for keeping yourself dry and the other for resting on. Make sure that the towels you use are specifically designed for a day out at the beach.

You wouldn’t want one that takes too long to dry. That would mean waiting for your next dip until the towel dries up.

  1. A Cool Box

A cool bag or a cool box might not be a total necessity but if you are someone who believes that there is no fun without cold drinks then such a bag/box is a total must-have. These boxes can store ice in a separate compartment along with your drinks.

They allow you to keep the drinks cool more like a makeshift refrigerator. You can also go for a DIY cool box if you are short on bucks.

  1. The Right Accessories

There are two major accessories that should always accompany you to the beach. One is a hat. Oversized ones are in vogue these days, so we’d recommend those. Secondly, you must also have a pair of sunglasses with you.

You can either take your expensive pair with you or invest in a pair of cheap ones so that in case you lose them, it doesn’t hurt your feelings or your pocket.

  1. Your Favorite Reads

A lot of people like taking a book along when out at the beach. A book can be your greatest friend wherever you are. And reading one while chilling by the sea is a lovely feeling. You can either take along your favorite novel with a summer theme or go for a magazine.

The former can take you to another world whereas the second option can give you the latest scoop on celebrity gossip and some beauty and fashion tricks.

  1. A Portable Speaker

Music makes moments better. Whether you are on a ride or enjoying some snacks by the sea, take along a portable speaker. However, make sure that the speaker that accompanies you is one that is water-resistant as well as sand-proof.

With the right music, no beach day can ever go wrong. When out with family or friends at the beach, we think music is essential.

  1. A Beach Mat

You know what? Make sure one towel is enough and take along a proper portable beach mat. Recline on it and sip a Pina Colada while the sun’s rays dance above you. A beach mat is a worthy investment for it will be there for you every time you head to a beach.

Make sure you get one which is of a lightweight material and doesn’t absorb too much heat. You wouldn’t want to rest on a hot mat.

  1. A Portable Phone Charger

Another must-have beach partner: A portable phone charger. Your phone is your life. But only as long as it is alive. This is why having an on-the-go charger with you is helpful. In case, there’s no battery left, you can power up the phone.

You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on posting selfies every moment. Sure, you can post them later, but the fun is over by then.

  1. A Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella is another thing that you should take along. So that you can completely enjoy out in the sun without having to hide indoors. Unless you are planning to vacay at a beach resort that has mats and umbrellas installed already, you might need to carry your own items.

Also, don’t just get a regular umbrella, get an umbrella canopy. Otherwise, standing your umbrella without a proper base can range from challenging to impossible.

  1. A Beach Ball

All work, and no play makes jack a full boy. Don’t let this happen to you. You can’t just lather on some sunscreen and rest on the mat. Nope, that would be a waste of a fun day. Take a beach ball along if you are not there alone.

You can find several at cheap prices from anywhere. You’re at the beach to enjoy not just to read some books and click selfies.