Our habits form our lifestyle and several times, what happens is that small bad habits collectively have an adverse impact on an overall good lifestyle. This can make health concerns arise. While many focus on trying to improve their diet and eating healthy meals, few understand that there are also habits that you need to cut out after consuming food for better digestion.

Wondering what these are? Let’s walk you through 12 things you should never do immediately after eating a meal:

1 – Taking a shower

Many of us are guilty of doing this at least once in a while. However, you should never take a bath following a meal because that messes up with your digestion. For digesting food properly, your body needs to direct blood flow to your stomach. Taking a bath immediately after eating a meal interferes with this. You should wait at least 30 minutes before going for a shower or bath.

2 – Eating fruits

Many people end their lunch with a portion of fruit which is not harmful but not helpful either. For your body to absorb all the many nutrients from fruits, you must consume them on an empty stomach. Due to the lack of capacity in your body after a meal, eating fruits at that time reduces the absorption of essential nutrients.

3 – Drinking tea

Drinking tea after eating a meal is another thing that you shouldn’t do. When you sip tea after your meals, you reduce your body’s ability to absorb iron. In fact, the ability of your body to absorb iron goes down by 87%. This can cause anemia, dizziness, and loss of appetite. It can also cause pale skin and cold limbs.

4 – Taking a nap

Eating and then immediately jumping into bed for a nap is not a good move. It can cause digestive discomfort. You may experience gas pains if you go to sleep immediately after a meal. You must have been told this as well – that you should never lie down immediately after eating. Sleep is also of poor quality when you do it instantly after eating.

5 – Smoking cigarettes

Unfortunately, most smokers find themselves smoking cigarettes after a meal. This can be supremely harmful for health. Studies say that smoking one cigarette after eating a meal is like smoking 10 cigarettes at once. And everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health as it ups the risk of lung disease, stroke, heart attack, etc.

6 – Wearing fitted clothing

When you wear tightly fitted clothes after consuming a meal or when you are eating, pressure is exerted on your abdomen. This can lead to heartburn. Moreover, you are also going to feel uncomfortable when you wear fitted clothes when eating. Your stomach is likely to show that it is loaded. If you are elsewhere, be sure to change into loose clothing when you get back home.

7 – Engaging in exercise

Another pointer to keep in mind is to never exercise after eating a meal. This specifically applies to engaging in exercise or too much movement after dinner. You should also not pick up heavy things after a meal. Exercise or too much movement raises your body temperature which disturbs digestion. It may also interfere with sleep and cause stomachache, cramps, nausea, and acid reflux.

8 – Drinking cold water

Drinking chilled water following a meal can lead to food particles getting clamped on the inside. Cold water also causes the blood vessels in your stomach to shrink which negatively impacts the process of digestion. Moreover, the speed of food digestion is also slowed down and your body is not able to absorb all the nutrients from your meal either.

9 – Brushing your teeth

Do not brush your teeth immediately after eating a meal. Sure, you should brush your teeth for good oral health before going to bed. It neutralizes the pH of the mouth and rids your mouth of plaque. However, brush your teeth at least half an hour after your dinner. This is particularly important if your food had anything acidic.

10 – Talking a walk

Sure, you should walk for boosting digestion after eating. However, experts recommend waiting some time, and then going for a walk. Taking a walk immediately after consuming a meal can cause indigestion and lead to an upset stomach. It may also result in acid reflux. Therefore, walk at least an hour after eating.

11 – Driving

Following a meal eating session a large amount of your blood goes to the digestive tract. This can temporarily deprive your brain of the amount of blood that it requires which can reduce your concentration. Moreover, when you are satiated you also tend to feel sleepy. Therefore, for safety reasons it is best to give your body a break of one or two hours before driving.

12 – Getting a massage

Immediately after a meal, you should not get a massage. Massages are great for your mental health as they stimulate feel-good hormones. Massages also relieve you of sore muscles and boost circulation. However, the pressing down on your back and positioning of your body during a massage can cause indigestion, bloating, and more bathroom breaks.

So, these are the habits that you should avoid when you’ve just had a meal. You don’t want to disrupt digestion and suffer the consequences.