Having too much on your plate and experiencing low productivity levels doesn’t work in your favor. It delays work, tosses more items on your to-do list, and keeps you tensed. But what is there that you can do to better the situation? In fact, is there even any thing that you can do to up productivity? Yes, there is. Ditch habits that are causing your productivity to take a hit and you’ll notice a difference. You’ll be able to work smarter, better, and faster.

That said, here are 12 things that ruin your productivity. Avoid letting these interfere and you’ll be able to get things done more efficiently.

1 – Sitting too much

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t sit at all. What we’re saying is that when you sit for long periods of time and you do so quite a lot, you damage your health. Physical activity is necessary for several reasons. Sitting has been titled as the new smoking due to the many negative impacts it brings along. When you sit for too long, your energy gets drained and you feel lethargic. This, in turn, makes you unproductive.

2 – Not having a routine

Schedule your tasks ahead of time. Not making a list can confuse you before you begin a task and eat at your productivity levels. What’s more, not having a set routine also wastes your time as you scramble to decide what to do next and how to go about it. This is why it is necessary to have a routine and a to-do list. This way, you’ll know the flow of how to do things with each task allotted a time as per its priority.

3 – Eating a poor diet

An unhealthy diet that does not meet your appetite or skipping on meals adversely impacts your productivity levels. When your body is deprived of the nutrition that it requires, a drop in your blood sugar levels occurs along with the lowering of energy markers. Low blood sugar can negatively influence your cognitive abilities. It can lower your attention, performance, and cause short-term memory problems.

4 – Sleep deprivation

Sleep loss also introduces fatigue. When you don’t sleep the recommended number of hours, you feel fatigued and your brain feels foggy. A proper slumber session is essential for staying alert. If you are unable to catch some much-needed shut-eye time at night, you’re productivity levels are sure to drop in the morning.

5 – Your phone and the internet

The internet might have made a lot of things easier, but it has also contributed to wasting our time and lowering our productivity. When you keep checking your Facebook feed or your Instagram notifications mid-task, you get distracted. This results in wasted time and interrupted productivity. Therefore, put your phone on silent mode, log out of your social accounts and keep the device aside. Oh, and stop surfing the internet randomly.

6 – Trying to multitask

Trying to get everything done at once is not a good idea. You may think that handling more than a single task at a time will get them all done faster but that is not the case. Research shows that multitasking slows you down. It lowers your productivity. Hence, concentrate on one task at a time and prioritize tasks based on their importance and difficulty level.

7 – Not controlling stress

Letting worries pile up can chop your productivity. No one ever said stress was good for anything. Hence, handle stress before it controls you. Lettings stress reign will only allow it to cloud your mind when you clearly do not have any time to dedicate to it. In this regard, beat stress with the help of exercise, yoga, and meditation. Also, take care of your gut health. A balanced gut promises reduced levels of stress.

8 – Too much or too less sugar

Too much or too less sugar can make you unproductive. You see, you need sugar with a challenging task at hand because sugary foods give you an energy boost. Without it, you may feel jittery and unfocused. However, too much sugar content comes with adverse impacts on your memory and learning skills. The key is to eat sugary items that release energy slowly and keep you feeling full.

9 – Being extremely frugal

Being mindful of your expenditure is a good idea. However, if you do not spend on important things, you are compromising on productivity. For instance, using an old laptop that is too slow. Or not purchasing that social media scheduling app and manually uploading everything to your social accounts. Stay within your budget but do not hesitate in purchasing what needs to be purchased. Putting off such expenditures can cost you not just your productivity but more time and bucks too.

10 – Procrastinating the day away

Procrastinating is not a good idea just because something seems challenging. Rather than putting tasks off, get them done on time. What’s more, do not ignore your problems either. That will only make them grow bigger in size. Ignoring matters that need attention is an immature act that impacts your productivity markers in many negative ways. Hence, complete all tasks on time.

11 – Overworking

Work-life balance is crucial. If you spend your entire day working and bring home work too, you’ll get fatigued and your sleep will also not get its due time. The stress from relationships that you fail to pay attention to will also compile. This will all leave you confused and tired. It will, thus, make your productivity suffer. Hence, set rational, achievable goals. Don’t overwork or overstress. Give yourself breaks to recharge.

12 – Letting clutter reign

Clutter also takes your productivity down. Physical clutter fights for your attention and takes your focus away from tasks that require it. Clutter also chips in stress. Hence, declutter for better productivity. However, keep in mind that different people have different tolerance levels for clutter. If your tolerance to it is low, better get to cleaning.

Wrap up thoughts

Want to get things done fast with your productivity levels uncompromised? Make sure you don’t respond to the pings of your phone, allow clutter to distract you, procrastinate, or let stress take over. Also, eat a healthy diet, don’t eat too much or too less sugar, don’t be too frugal or multitask. Have a set routine, sleep properly, and maintain a work-life balance. You’ll see better results.