You think of it as love when a man so perfect, fairies sigh walks into your life. It seems as if nothing could go wrong in his presence. Only to find out later down the road that he’s not love; the guy’s just another frog here to be kissed. It’s all the more painful when you realize that this frog in your path hardly ever had any feelings for you. That he was drunk on some other girl’s love and you were merely an excuse for him to feel better about his pitiful situation.

Honestly, making you his rebound is probably not something he would have intended. His distraught and mangled feelings led him to you, but he didn’t truly want to use you. It may take him time to realize that he doesn’t even value you like that. But you – you are responsible for saving your heart the ache at the hands of another hurting person.

This is why you should always be sure if a guy actually likes you or if you are just his rebound. How’d you figure that out? Let’s help you with our list of 12 signs you are just his rebound girl:

1 – It’s not been long to his breakup

A dude who has recently broken up may not have given himself the time to grieve and recover. If that is the case, then he has probably just hopped into a relationship with you because you were the first one to catch his attention. He just wants someone to support his emotional side.

2 – He still mentions his ex

If a man still mentions his ex, this means he is still hung up on her. Whether he mentions her subtly or too much, you should know you are just the rebound girl. Most men either remember their fresh exes too fondly that it gets annoying or with too much hate which indicates their lingering resentment.

3 – He doesn’t want to commit

A man who is not serious about you is obviously not going to take his relationship with you to the next level. If you are the rebound girl, he is only using you to an extent and deep down he hopes that his ex will come back for him. Him committing is like him admitting that his last relationship has ended. If he does commit with you as his rebound, it is less likely to result in a lasting relationship.

4 – It’s all based on physical attraction

A man who wants to be with you only because he is rebounding is more likely to take things superfast in the physical department. There’s likely to be lots of love making because he just wants to forget his ex. He’s only trying to stifle his emotions by letting his body take over. Don’t be surprised if you hear him saying his ex’s name while in bed with you.

5 – He compares you to his ex

Whether he does this very obviously, like mentioning how much you are similar to her, or he does this subtly, either way you know that his is brain and heart are still hers. Him comparing means he liked her so much that she wouldn’t get off his mind. You are merely in his life because he is trying to find her in you.

6 – His breakup was sudden

If the lad was not one to breakup or if his breakup happened all of a sudden this means he has not yet had the time to cope with it. If he hasn’t given himself the space to grow and realize why and where things went wrong, then he’s still grieving. You are merely someone he wants to confide in, someone he expects to help him heal through the process.

7 – It’s all on social media

If your relationship with this guy gets a ticket to social media statuses all too soon, there’s a mega chance that he’s only posting about it because he wants to make his ex-girlfriend feel jealous. He just wants to show his ex that he still has value and that she’s missing out on so much. Secretly he hopes the pictures and statuses will make her miss him enough to run back into his arms.

8 – He’s always in relationships

A man who jumps from one woman to another like a toad does in a pond is not worth your time. Notice a pattern; has he come out of long-term relationships before to have short-terms ones? If so, chances are you are just his rebound girl. In no time will he realize this and accept his single life before he finds someone he is actually invested in.

9 – He pretends his last relationship wasn’t big

When he first starts seeing you and before you are able to add two and two, the guy may try to tell you that has previous relationship didn’t matter. He may downplay it, but he is only doing this to neglect his own feelings which are waiting to barge out. He also does this to show you that he is available which he clearly is emotionally not.

10 – It’s an up and down relationship

Your relationship with him is anything but smooth. There are times he ghosts you and wants to maintain distance. This is him fighting his feelings for another woman. He may even still be texting her. Then other times, you find him coming back to you, but things are now going too fast. He keeps you wondering what he actually wants.

11 – His ex-girlfriend bumps into you two

If he is crazy in love with her, there are chances he is still stalking her. He may try to make her jealous more than just on social media. This means he may find out where she will be and then take you there. This basically means that she doesn’t bump into you, but you guys bump into her. This is a huge red flag because you are being used here as a dumb, unaware puppet.

12 – He’s fallen for you very fast

If it seems as if you are quite literally love at first sight for him and he immediately wants to behave as if he has a long-term relationship with you, something is definitely fishy. This is him trying to replicate what he had with the girl before you. He’s just seeking comfort, and anyone works for him. While he pretends like his relationship with you is old, he’s not even willing to make it long-term.