If you have small breasts, you may have at a point in your life wished for a better size. After all, everyone around you seems to be so in love with a bigger set that not having one may make you feel left out. But wait right there. Don’t ever be ungrateful for the small boobs you have because these come with so many pros.

In fact, probably their only con is that they don’t align with society’s standards but really, flush those standards anyway. Wondering what makes small boobs better? Here are 12 pros of having a smaller size that cannot be ignored:

1 – Small breasts are more sensitive

Talk about better intimacy! Did you know that smaller boobs are more sensitive which means they need less work to get all ready for play? Well, that’s true. This is because the nerve endings are closer. Comparatively, women with bigger busts take a longer time to get there because their breasts are not as sensitive.

2 – Your breasts stay perkier for longer

First, let’s clarify the myth that smaller breasts don’t sag, because they do. Sure, they may stay perkier for longer because of less weight. Basically, gravity plays tricks on everyone which is why you shouldn’t expect that it wouldn’t do your boobs harm regardless of their size. What’s more, experts also say that sagginess is not determined by size but by the ratio of tissue to fat in breasts.

3 – You look younger

Another perk of having small boobies is that they make you look younger. Of course, your breast size is not the only factor that determines your age so don’t stretch a too big smile. But, yeah, women with smaller breasts do look somewhat younger than women of their same age who have a bigger rack.

4 – Men talk to your face

You know one of the biggest struggles of having big breasts is that men tend to talk to the chest of owners rather than their face. This can be quite annoying. With smaller breasts, you only direct attention to your breasts by deliberately exposing your cleavage rather than just by existing. This clearly gives you more control over whom to attract with your lady bits.

5 – You attract the right men

One study showed that financially independent men preferred women with small breasts while the economically struggling guys preferred bigger boobs. What’s more, with smaller boobs you know that men like you for your personality and your face rather than only for your body. It can be quite disturbing when you’re chased merely for your bust.

6 – You don’t have to struggle with backache

Did you know that having bigger boobs actually means that you’re likely to get more backache? Blame the weight. Moreover, smaller boobs also mean that you have better posture and we all know that bad posture can cause back pain. In fact, did you know that bigger breasts also means that you have more neck pain? Sounds like a chore.

7 – You don’t have to worry about sweat

You know when the weather gets too warm, the struggle gets real for big busted ladies because now they have more sweat collected under their chest. While sometimes small boobs also pose this problem, it is definitely not as severe as it is for those who have bigger boobs. This is one major perk that just can’t be ignored if you live in a hot region.

8 – Breast cancer is easier to detect

Some experts believe that the risk of breast cancer is lower for those who have a smaller rack. As for those who are more blessed in terms of their boobs, they also have a harder time detecting breast cancer. After all, when you have smaller boobs, it is easier to notice any lumps or bumps on the underside. Since breast cancer risk is only heightening, this is a rather important pro.

9 – You don’t need a bra

Some say that bras support your breasts while others think they only increase problems by restricting your boobs. In fact, some also think that bras promote sagginess before its time! As a small breasted individual, you don’t always need a bra. In fact, you can let yourself be free of shackles even when outdoors!

10 – You get all the pretty bras

Since you don’t always need a bra, your expenses in terms of bras are lower. Bras for small busted women are also less expensive. Moreover, they are easily available as well! You see, all the pretty pieces come in small sizes. Just take a look at Victoria’s Secret and other big and small brands, and you’d find a size for yourself easily available while the big busted women often struggle to find somewhat unique pieces.

11 – Looks like smaller boobs are in trend

Just look at all the top models these days and you’ll be convinced that you’re doing quite fine. From Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber to Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber, all these hot celebrities have small breasts. This does mean that having a smaller rack is more in trend these days, doesn’t it? In fact, a lot of hottest and most hit actresses also have a smaller set of boobs such as Zendaya, and Emma Watson.

12 – You always look slim

If you have a lean physique as it is, then having a smaller rack also makes you look slimmer. It’s like you belong in a world where weight gain is not an issue. All your friends are so in love with how thin and tall you appear which definitely is a perk. On the other hand, slim women with amply sized breasts are hardly acknowledged for their slimness which is rather unfair.

While your big busted girlfriends may spend time consoling you about having smaller boobs, little do they know you’re so grateful with what you have. Clearly there are many benefits to having a smaller rack. Do you have nay more to add to this list?