Makeup is an essential part of a woman’s life. We all have at least some of it on our dressers and some products that we are addicted too. But even though we put it on, in varying amounts, on a daily basis, there are still things about makeup that we don’t fully know.

We’re talking about myths surrounding makeup that are so widely common that most women are unaware of how false they are. Let’s bust some of these for you today so that you’re one step closer to knowing more about makeup and beauty.

Here are 12 makeup myths that you should know the truth about:

1 – You don’t need makeup brushes

First and foremost, makeup brushes are definitely worth investing in. Rubbing on your foundation and eyeshadow with your fingertips doesn’t only mean that your application is not on point, but it can also irritate your skin.

Not to mention, for how many makeup steps are you going to keep using your index finger? That’s unhygienic. So, yes, makeup brushes should have a place in your vanity box.

2 – You don’t need sunscreen with SPF makeup

Another common misconception is that you don’t need sunscreen if you have SPF in your makeup. Even if your makeup products have SPF 30, you will still need a sunscreen to protect your skin.

Due to other ingredients and light application of makeup, your skin may not get the protection that it needs. SPF in makeup doesn’t last long as well which is why you must always put on your sunblock prior to painting your face.

3 – Change your mascara once its clunky

Don’t wait for your mascara to get difficult to use before you ditch it. In fact, even if you rarely use mascara its best to change it every few months.

The reason behind this is simple – the mascara wand can house bacteria which would be directly transferred onto your eyelashes. This raises the risk of eye infections. Save yourself from such harm and do yourself the favor of buying a new mascara every few months.

4 – You can sleep with your makeup on

Have you ever slept with a full face of makeup on? Surprisingly, a lot of peeps do that even though its clearly uncomfortable. Other than being uncomfortable, it is also damaging.

Sleeping with your makeup on clogs pores which can cause acne breakouts. Moreover, when you sleep, your skin repairs and regenerates, a process which is disturbed when you have makeup on.

5 – You always need concealer

No, you don’t always need concealer or a corrector even though most makeup enthusiasts would tell you. You only need these products if flaws and blemishes are apparent even after the application of your foundation.

Often times your full coverage foundation is enough to give you are brighter and smoother appearance. If you have great skin, don’t use extra unnecessary products.

6 – You don’t need to start with moisturizing

Don’t dive straight into applying your base, first moisturizer your face. Once you have gently massaged on your moisturizer, give it time to settle and get absorbed.

After this, apply your foundation. This way, your skin will appear softer and your makeup will not appear cakey. Dry skin is not the right canvas for makeup.

7 – Makeup doesn’t expire

A lot of people use the same makeup products for years on end. Even if you have invested a hefty amount, you shouldn’t use makeup longer than its shelf life.

Replace your makeup every six months. Don’t only depend on the expiration date mentioned on the label. Keep note of when you purchased a particular product and when you think it’s best for it to leave your collection to meet the trash.

8 – Your makeup should be expensive

Spending more money on a product doesn’t always mean that you are getting something better. In fact, sometimes a drug store product is equal in quality to one that comes from a renowned company.

When you purchase branded products, you are only paying for the name. Therefore, look at the ingredients’ list, not the price tag.

9 – Makeup harms your skin

Makeup doesn’t damage your skin. A bad skincare routine does. If you don’t want dry or oily skin, take good care of your skin. If a product doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t mean that makeup is bad for you, just that you need better products.

Moreover, makeup doesn’t cause wrinkles or the like. Blame that on environmental problems, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and biology.

10 – You need to clean your brushes only after using them a lot

Yet another common misconception is that you only need to clean your makeup brushes following using them quite a few times.

No, this is wrong. Even if you have used your makeup brushes only twice but they have been sitting idly for weeks on end, consider cleaning them to rid them of dirt and bacteria.

11 – Waterproof mascara is better

Most believe that waterproof mascara stays on for longer which makes it better than non-waterproof mascara. This is another myth.

Waterproof mascara actually damages your eyelashes more because it is that sticky and is very difficult to come off.

12 – Your brow and hair color should be the same

Your brow and hair color don’t have to be the same as previously believed and followed. Nowadays lots of women with blond hair have darker brown eyebrows.

After all, if you color your hair red, this doesn’t mean that you have to dye your brows the same color, does it?

So, these were some common myths attached to makeup. Which of these do you hate the most?