Love yogurt? We do too!

Luckily, yogurt does not only taste good, but it also is amazing for your overall health. However, there’s a catch. Yogurt’s benefits are only applicable as long as it is taken in its natural form with its tangy taste.

These days, there are too many varieties of yogurt that have been played around with. Artificial sweeteners and flavors are added, and the dairy product is stripped of its many benefits.

Wondering what benefits natural yogurt provides? We compiled a list! Here are 12 health benefits that yogurt comes with:

1. It provides nourishment

The consumption of yogurt is very beneficial for your health because of the many essential nutrients that it contains. Yogurt is a natural source of vitamin B and calcium. Where vitamin B can protect the heart, calcium is a mineral that can strengthen bones.

Yogurt also contains magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium which can which can help with metabolism, maintaining blood pressure and other biological processes. Moreover, yogurt also contains a fortified source of vitamin D which can protect from diseases and boost immunity.

2. It can save one from yeast infections

The healthy bacteria that yogurt contains can also protect you from yeast infections. Yeast infections are also known as candida and can develop under breast, on nailbeds, in the folds of skin, round dentures, in the vagina, etc.

While candida is naturally present in the body, its overgrowth can cause problems. Note that yeast infections are more common among women. Plain yogurt that does not contain artificial flavors or colors can help one fight off these infections both internally as well as externally.

3. Yogurt contains a good amount of proteins

Another reason you should consume more yogurt is that it contains more proteins. Proteins come with a number of benefits. These include improving one’s metabolism and reducing one’s appetite both of which help with weight loss.

The amino acids in proteins also help one recover speedily after an intense workout session. These amino acids also repair muscles. Proteins in yogurt may also help improve hydration by increasing water absorption in the intestines.

4. It can improve your dental health

The calcium in yogurt is good for your teeth. Research shows that the regular intake of yogurt can protect your teeth. It is not just that yogurt does not cause cavities, it is also that it prevents them. The lactic acid in yogurt protects teeth.

Furthermore, yogurt does not support erosion of the enamel which is the primary cause of tooth decay. Science shows that the regular consumption of yogurt can reduce the risk of periodontal disease. Hence, if you want a bright smile, you should consider adding yogurt to your lifestyle.

5. Yogurt is good for your skin

Yogurt is not only amazing for your teeth but also for your skin. Yogurt can improve your complexion. It can also keep your skin glowing and soft. Natural yogurt can also be used for the treatment of certain skin conditions such as ringworm and athlete’s foot.

It can also make skin brighter and work as a great exfoliating agent. Yogurt works to shed off the top layer of the skin to reveal the elastic and supple layer underneath. It has some properties that can help you defy aging as well – it works to prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

6. It assists in proper digestion

Yogurt can also help in digestion. It contains helpful bacteria that work to relieve one of digestive problems such as diarrhea, bloating, gas, constipation, etc. Rich in probiotics, it is no secret that yogurt is good for gut health.

Bad gut health can cause an array of health issues including mood disorders, low immunity and what not. Yogurt can also be of aid to those who suffer through lactose intolerance. The intake of yogurt also protects the stomach and intestines against some infections.

7. It strengthens the immune system

As mentioned above, good bacteria work to improve gut health. Since 70% of the immune system is planted in the gut, one’s immunity is also improved when the gut bacteria is balanced and when gut health is optimal.

A boost in immunity means that you have increased resistance against the attacks of diseases and ailments. Hence, you are not prone to catching sicknesses as easily. Therefore, if you want to improve your health, the consumption of yogurt is one way you can begin.

8. Yogurt can better your mood

The relationship between one’s gut health and mood has been explored in-depth. Science says that the gut and the brain are connected via a bidirectional pathway. Hence, bad gut health is directly proportional to a bad mood and vice versa.

Since, yogurt improves gut health, it can also better one’s mood. Studies show that the women who consume good amounts of probiotics tend to exhibit less compulsive behavior, anxiety or nervousness. Therefore, ensure your diet contains a good load of natural yogurt.

9. It can protect against osteoporosis

We mentioned this above as well and we’re stressing on it again – yogurt can improve bone health. The intake of yogurt on a day to day basis can improve bone mass and strength. Osteoporosis is a health condition that often accompanies aging.

This condition weakens the bones. Yogurt contains It contains phosphorus, calcium, vitamin D, potassium and proteins. These are all the vitamins and minerals needed for preserving bone health and preventing this condition.

10. Yogurt may benefit cardiovascular health

Yogurt can improve one’s heart’s health as well. However, this is still mostly unconfirmed. So, how can yogurt do that? Well, it is able to serve this purpose by increasing the levels of good HDL cholesterol. In doing so, it may keep heart diseases at bay.

Furthermore, yogurt also has been shown by tests to be able to reduce high blood pressure levels. This makes it clear how the diary product is able to help the health of one’s heart. This is yet another reason that stresses on how essential yogurt is for you.

11. It can nourish hair

Yogurt everyday can keep all the problems away. In addition to improving the tone and texture of your skin and your dental health, yogurt can also give you smooth and beautiful hair. So, if you want Rapunzel hair, you know what you should stock up on.

Yogurt works to repair dry and brittle hair. It leaves hair manageable and thick. It sorts out the damage that has occurred overtime and nourishes your hair with its vitamins. Since, it has anti-fungal properties, it may also help get rid of dandruff.

12. Yogurt can control inflammation

You would have heard about the many harms that inflammation can cause. Often it is referred to as the culprit behind several diseases. Some of these illnesses include Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue, cancer, etc. Weight gain has also been linked to inflammation.

Inflammation is a healthy and natural response of the body, but prolonged inflammation is outright evil. It can also mess up with the body’s immunity. Healthy yogurt can protect your health on an overall level by combating inflammation.


The health benefits that accompany yogurt are vast. Not to forget, yogurt also tastes super good regardless of what type it is and whether or not it is natural. Including yogurt in your diet can help decrease inflammation and increase immunity.

It also protects your heart health and keeps your mood good. It can nourish your skin, and hair and improve your dental health as well. Moreover, it can protect your bones and prevent osteoporosis too along with bettering your gut health.

Even if there were no benefits of yogurt’s intake, there would be no harms either. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your yogurt and indulge in the healthy and delicious delight!