In a world of fad diets, so-called muscle boosting protein shakes, and silly miraculous weight loss supplements, exercise is a classic. Working out doesn’t only support the shedding off of excess pounds and building of muscles, but it also comes with benefits for your cardiovascular and mental health. But while we think we know all there is to know about exercise, there are so many myths out there that even self-proclaimed gym enthusiasts are not informed are untrue.

Amid the sea of exercise suggestions, there are misconceptions about exercise that just don’t seem to die out. Let’s clear the top-most common ones of these right now, right here. Ready? Here’s a list of 12 exercise myths that you should really stop believing:

Myth # 1: You can turn fat into muscle mass

The muscle fibers and fats stored in your body are not like different forms of energy that can convert into one another. No, your fat cannot turn into muscle and vice versa. You can lose fat and gain muscles is all that can be done to get the sculpted physique of your dreams.

Myth # 2: Weightlifting doesn’t help with weight loss

When it comes to shaking those excess pounds off, a lot of people assume that the right way to go about that is by hitting the treadmill. They also think that weightlifting is only for building muscles, and not a good weight loss strategy. This is where the assumption is wrong. Weightlifting helps burn a substantial amount of calories which is what makes it a great way to lose weight, maybe even better than doing cardio.

Myth # 3: Your cardio machine gives you the correct measure of how many calories you’ve burned

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the digits of how many calories you’ve burned on your cardio machine go up. Unfortunately, though, your cardio machine is not exactly correct about how many calories you’ve burned. In fact, you may have burned significantly fewer calories than the amount mentioned on the cardio machine.

Myth # 4: Your workout is useless if you don’t give it at least an hour

Again, your workout results wouldn’t be better if you spend longer at the gym. That’s just a myth. Experts recommend you give 30 minutes to exercise every 5 days of a week. One study showed that you don’t get better results if you spend an hour at the gym than when you spend half an hour.

Myth # 5: You need to go to the gym every day

There’s another false belief that you should head to the gym every single day for results to show. If you don’t go on the daily, you’ll loose the results that you make. In truth, you can take breaks from the gym. This will enable worn out muscles to repair and rebuild and you’ll be able to exercise better. So instead of doing something you shouldn’t do, taking days off from the gym is something you should definitely do.

Myth # 6: The more muscles you have, the stronger you are

Just because someone has larger muscles doesn’t mean that he is stronger. In fact, weightlifters are stronger than bodybuilders. This is because weightlifters have stronger muscle fibers whereas bodybuilders have a higher count of muscle fibers. It’s a quality vs. quantity scenario.

Myth # 7: If you sweat more, you’ve burned more fat

The amount you sweat doesn’t equate to how many calories you burn. Sure, sweating helps lose weight but its only water that you are losing. Furthermore, sweating is a process of your body to cool down by means of releasing collected hydration. So, when you sweat, all your body is hinting is that you need to rehydrate.

Myth # 8: Cardio only is the best weight loss strategy

Cardio exercises alone are not going to do much for your weight loss journey. Sure, they help you lose weight, but you also need to gain muscle mass so as to burn more fat at rest. For this, you need to incorporate strength training so that you benefit in the long-run. Oh, and never forget to focus on following a smart diet that provides ample nutrition.

Myth # 9: Yoga is not really exercise

Yet another exercise myth is that yoga is not a real exercise. This is false. Yoga is a part of working out. It’s not as gentle as many perceive it to be. A great yoga sequence can be tough with lots of amazing results for both the body and the mind.

Myth # 10: Working out at the gym is better

Some people think that working out at the gym is better than doing so at home, others think vice versa. This is not true. The place doesn’t determine the results you’ll get out of exercise, but how much exercise and dedication you put in will.

Myth # 11: If it doesn’t hurt, it is not worth it

No, you don’t have to experience pain to know that your workout was good enough. While feeling sore is common after a session of exercise, pain is an indication that you’ve injured your muscles and not a good idea to chase.

Myth 12: You need to guzzle down a sports drink after always

First off all, sports drinks are not healthy. Secondly, you shouldn’t drink them unless you really need to. These energy drinks are bad for your oral health and can actually inhibit your efforts in the gym. They are full of sugar, salt, and calories.

So, that was our list of exercise myths that everyone needs to stop believing and spreading. Have anymore to add to these? Tell us in the comments!