They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul but what if your eyes are surrounded by dark 12 am shadows? What if your eyes are dry and dull as if they have lost their light? Clearly this means that your soul’s windows are not clean. And never does anyone appreciate unclean, foggy and dirty windows. The same can be said about your eyes.

Undereye bags, dark circles, drooping lids are all factors that compromise on the beauty of your visual organs. So, what is it that you can do to improve their appearance, that too naturally? Don’t fret, we’ve compiled a list for you. Read on to know some helpful tips on how to make your eyes naturally beautiful?

1 – Ice your lids

Icing your face and your lids is a great way to keep them looking fresh. This is because ice application can increase blood circulation beneath the skin which gives you a more radiant and healthy appearance. However, rubbing ice directly to the sensitive skin around your eyes can be damaging. A better idea is to soak cotton pads into ice water and gently press them onto your lids. You can also simply place the pads on your closed eyes for 10 minutes.

2 – Treat your eyes to cucumber

Puffiness around your eyes can ruin your entire look. It makes you come off as tired all the time and drains the effect of your otherwise fresh face. To reduce puffiness, you can keep cucumber slices on your lids. Those ladies sitting around the pool don’t make their eyes carry cucumber pieces for no reason. Cucumber hydrates and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It alleviates swelling by soothing the skin around your eyes. Make sure you use a cool cucumber for this purpose.

3 – Try the cold spoon trick

Another way you can boost blood circulation in and around your eyes and make them look brighter is by placing spoons on them. This tip is easy to follow; all you have to do is refrigerate two metal spoons. Once they are amply cold, place them upside down on your eyelids such that the curves sit directly on them. You won’t be able to tolerate the chilliness of the spoons which is why they must be placed for a few minutes with small intervals in between.

4 – Apply an egg mask

No one likes saggy skin, especially when it starts to lose its firmness around the eyes. You instantly look old and weary. This brings us to one tip which can help you prevent your skin from loosening around your eyes. What you have to do is beat a few egg whites in a bowl. Then you have to gently apply the mask around your eyes. Let the mask stay put on your face for about 15 minutes after which you can rinse it off with cold water.

5 – Combat deep sunken eyes

If you have been missing out on sleep lately or burdening your shoulders with too much work, chances are your eyes have started to appear sunken. To combat this, you can use almonds. First of all, mix honey in one teaspoon of almond oil. Apply this blend on your eyes at night and wash it off in the morning. This remedy can be followed for a week. You can also eat almonds with their skin peeled off with a glass of milk for brighter eyes.

6 – Stay hydrated

Drinking water is necessary for keeping your overall skin fresh. It all keeps your eyes looking beautiful. This is why you should make certain that you drink the recommended amount of water every day. Water keeps your digestive system working fine and flushes out toxins from your body. This also makes you feel fresh, not just look it. If you ever feel like your eyes are drooping or lack shine, you should fetch yourself a glass of water.

7 – Eat a healthy diet

Your diet has a massive effect on your appearance. If you want your skin as well as your eyes to look brighter, you should add more fruits and veggies to your routine. Some foods which can improve the look of your eyes include carrots. These contain beta carotene which promotes eye health. Brussels and Brussel sprouts are also healthful additions as they contain vitamin C. Moreover, spinach and sweet potatoes are great for your visual organs as well.

8 – Don’t wear heavy eye makeup

Avoid wearing heavy eye makeup too often. Keep it light following the simple is sophisticated mantra. Don’t dab on layers and layers of foundation or cake up your lids with too many colors of shadow. Also, stick to eye makeup rules such as using good quality concealer to hide your dark circles in place of foundation. Moreover, make sure that you know how to properly apply mascara and eye liner. Don’t forget to remove all makeup before heading to bed.

9 – Exercise regular

Among the many benefits exercise provides is its ability to improve blood circulation. When you exercise, your eyes get the oxygen that they need to remain healthy. You can also try facial exercises and go for massages to improve blood circulation in the area. Apart from keeping your eyes fresh looking, physical activity reduces the risk of glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and cataracts as well.

10 – Get ample sleep

Experts recommend getting from 6 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep causes dark circles.. It makes fatigue show on your face. It can make your eyes look tired as it causes puffiness. Therefore, rest a good amount. Try to get restful sleep without any interruptions. To meet this goal, stop using your smart device at least an hour before getting into bed. You can practice good sleep hygiene to improve your sleep.

11 – Don’t stress too much

An awful lot of stress can take a toll on your health. Too much stress and anxiety can exert pressure on your eyes and result in eye strain. This can also negatively affect the beauty of your eyes by giving you undereye bags. Therefore, it is best to try and destress yourself. How can this be done? By journaling, meditating, exercising, practicing mindfulness, etc. Try to stay optimistic and let your positive outlook on life shine through your eyes.