Sexy, funny, charismatic, and helping – that’s what women want in men.

But what is it that men like in women? There are some qualities that males specifically are attracted to in partners or potential partners. Wondering what personality traits men like their woman to have? Here are 11 of those:

1 – Confidence

Whether its about being confident when heading up to a store’s manager to talk to him about a product’s flaw or about being confident in one’s own skin, men like a woman who doesn’t hesitate, who’s confident and comfortable being herself.

This reassures him that even without him around, she’ll be able to deal with situations easily. It also tells him that she wouldn’t hide behind walls of words or shame when taking to him about something important – that could be about anything from what she likes in bed to what dessert she wants to eat.

2 – Intelligence

Another feature that men truly appreciate their girl to have is intelligence. No one enjoys talking to someone who only listens and doesn’t have anything to add to the conversation. Even if the interests of the two people in the relationship are different, they should be knowledgeable about something.

So, while you could know nothing about accounting, your man would completely love you for all the information that you have about art.

3 – Opinionated

Your intelligence scale doesn’t only cover how much you know about a particular subject. In fact, it also includes how many opinions you have over different topics. Example, if you and your man are talking about a serious topic, he wouldn’t just want you to nod to what he’s saying.

He’d love if you have your own opinions too. This doesn’t mean that you should only care about the opinions that you are giving. In fact, if you think his opinion on a matter is more solid, he’d appreciate you pointing that out.

4 – Humor

You like a humorous guy too, don’t you? Humans seek this quality; men and women alike. Not only do men like a woman who makes them laugh but they also like those who find them funny. Add both the qualities, of giving and taking humor, and that’s a perfect package!

Basically, connecting on similar humor indicates compatibility. A woman who doesn’t joke at all and doesn’t enjoy the man’s humor may not be able to connect with him as much.

5 – Thoughtfulness

Men like ladies who have empathy and kindness. Someone who thinks about them and understands them. And not just them but others too. A woman who is kind is less likely to do something as harsh as cheating on her partner. Thoughtfulness also hints at a nurturing nature.

Even apart from that, being thoughtful is a great quality because it is constantly manifested in how one partner cares about the other and his or her needs.

6 – Affection

You might be wondering why men care about being loved and cuddled. But guess what, they too need affirmations that they are loved just as much as they were when the relationship began. Affection is also cute, let’s not forget that.

Sure, someone who is overly affectionate might be a turn off for some male folks but most of them like a lady who’s open about her love.

7 – Supportiveness

Yet another feature that men find golden in women is supportiveness. A man appreciates it when his woman is supportive of his goals, his dreams, his aims, his next steps. This doesn’t mean that he wants her to support him even when she knows he’s making the wrong decisions.

Support doesn’t work like that. Your man wants you to support him when you know he’s at something that means a lot to him. And that you will have his back even his plans don’t work out in his favor.

8 – Spontaneity

Who doesn’t like someone who matches his level of fun? Men also want women who are fun and adventurous. Who are willing to party, try out new things, and maybe even go on adventures with them!

A woman who has a fun and willing spirit is also likely to enjoy and explore in the bedroom. This means she is someone men can comfortably mention their interests to and the things they want to try – whether those happen on the bed or just be related to something fun outdoors.

9 – Independence

An independent woman is less likely to constantly nag a man. She’s also likely to have her own interests and doesn’t always depend on the man for everything. However, this doesn’t mean that you should always be on your own.

Men also like the idea of being helpful which is why they prefer their woman to ask them for assistance regardless of what the matter is.

10 – Uniqueness

Men also like it when their girl has unique habits. For instance, if a man’s girlfriend is particularly nerdy and loves talking about superhero movies, there’s a chance he’s turned on by her uniqueness. A man who truly loves you will also notice the littlest of your unique habits.

So, if something you know makes you stand out of the crowd, don’t be shy to hide it. This could be your love for art or your skill at making different hairstyles.

11 – Honesty

Last but not the least, men are also on the lookout for honesty as a personality trait. Those who are honest don’t cheat, they don’t betray, and they don’t make up lies. On the flip side, dishonesty is linked to several poor traits.

Talking about honesty, men appreciate it when women nicely tell them where they are wrong and even how they can get better. At the end of the day though, great communication skills are a must.

So that was our list of the personality traits that men appreciate in women. What do you think are the qualities that women must have? Tell us in the comments!