For the last few days, Colin Powell has been in the news for some astonishing reasons. Last Sunday, he endorsed Joe Biden, the former vice president of the United States of America, and the current Presidential nominee. According to the retired four-star general in the United States Army, President Donald Trump endangers democracy. This shift by Colin Powell makes him the first ever major Republican who has backed a Republican Rival. Till now, there has been no such a fierce and strong opposition against Trump. The elections that are to be held in the month of November this year see two major candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

All you need to know about Colin Powell:

Colin Powell’s opinion has a lot of weight. He led the military of the United States of America during the Gulf War, in the year 1991. He worked under the President George W Bush, as the head of the department of state. With the former president, George W Bush, he worked as the first ever black secretary of the state. Alongside, he also acted as the chairman of the Joint chiefs of staff while Bush was the  administrator.

The interview with CNN:

While talking to a CNN reporter in his interview, Powell said that Trump has drifted away from the constitution of the country. This drift is detrimental to the safety of the democracy of the states. In the same interview, the former head of the military said that there are a load of ex-military generals who have denounced the way Trump responded to the resent riots in the country against George Floyd’s murder. He praised the reaction of these military generals and said that they have chosen  the right stance to support.

Powell’s reaction to the murder of George Floyd:

According to Powell, the recent protests against the murder of George Floyd are the most massive ones he has ever seen in his entire life. He said that the country is evolving with time and its citizens are surely getting wiser with every passing day. He also said that with such an evolution happening, they do not deserve to have a President like Trump ruling them. Powell is quite proud of the fact that so many military men, diplomats and people of stature have actually come forward to condemn both the murder, as well as the reaction of Trump over this murder and the protests.

Donald Trump’s tweet about the issue:

As a reaction, Donald Trump did what he is known for, Tweeting. In a tweet as a response to the announcement of Powell that he will vote for Joe Bidden, rather than Trump, the latter said that Powell was the person who had caused a lot of trouble for the country by launching a war in Middle East. So, if he is voting for an equally unimportant person, named Joe Bidden, he is not worried about it at all.