life is a mixture of weird and strange things coupled together. There are some extremely strange moments that we go through, in which we do some really weird acts. But, we hardly admit doing them. We have compiled a list of weird things that we all do but hardly acknowledge.

1. Licking The Inside Of A Chocolate Wrapper

If you are saying that you have never done that, you are surely lying. I mean, who would let go of the yummy chocolate attached to the chocolate wrapper? Not me, definitely.

2.  Act As A Cooking Show Expert While Making Something In The Kitchen

No matter its as simple as making Maggi in the kitchen, everyone pretends to be hosting a super successful TV show in the kitchen.


3. Send Someone A Random Message And Pretend That It Was Done By Mistake

Come on, everyone needs attention and cant ask for it directly.


4. Picking Up The Nose In Public



5. Watching Cat Videos On YouTube For Many Many Many Hours.

Oh come on, they are just so darn cuteeee

6. Using The Phone In Public Just To Look Busy

Honestly speaking, my phone is my biggest saviour, which has saved me from a lot of potentially awkward moments.


7. Asking Your Food Delivery Guy Not To Ring The Call Bell As You Do Not Want To Share Your Food With Anyone In The Home

Because food is LOVEEE


8. Feel Extremely Awkward While Everyone Is Singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’ While You Cut Your Birthday Cake.

Oh, I swear that is shit awkward.


Unless you are as cool as Justin Theodore