They say imitation is the best form of flattery and who better to follow when it comes to style than Kate Middleton? Whether we’re talking about a formal gathering, or a causal hangout plan, whether we’re talking about a professional meeting or a meetup with old friends, the Duchess of Cambridge’s impeccable style is one that can serve you with a good scoop of style inspiration.

You don’t even need a royal’s money box to adopt her fashion game. You can easily cop similar pieces from affordable labels. Wondering how to dress like Kate? Here are a few tips!

Don’t reveal too much

The royals are not big on flashing too much flesh. Ever since joining the royal family, American actress Meghan Markle has also given a classic and traditional touch to her wardrobe. The Duchess of Cambridge hardly ever wears outfits that touch her thighs. We don’t see her in low-cut necklines a lot either. In fact, her fashion choices are always modest.

Add more neutrals

Middleton is fan of lighter shades. The mother of three is seen usually wearing pastels and other neutral hues. Occasionally, she also rocks a red or bright blue dress, though. Talking about preferences, white is her favorite color. However, if you are a bigger fan of Princess Charlotte, her cute little baby girl, pink should be your go-to color as the 3-year-old surely prefers it more!

Get traditional prints

While the Duchess of Cambridge is usually seen in simple and elegant ensembles, every once in a while, she also sports a popping print. However, she keeps it classic in the pint department as well. We’ve seen her wearing stripes, florals, checks, and polka dots more often than going for feisty patterns.

Love your slim fit jeans

It’s not like Middleton doesn’t love a good pair of jeans. Prince William’s wife also knows that a pair of skinny jeans is a wardrobe must-have. Though we’ve not really seen her wearing any embroidered or other fancy pair of trousers, a pair of slim-fit ones has surfaced often. Her tops are also proper in all ways.

Value a simple clutch or tote bag

Kate Middleton is not one for crazy trends; her handbags or purses never have the clear plastic skin that is so in these days. Neither does she carry bags that have fringes or an extra bit of glitter. The Duchess prefers to keep it elegant; either she carries a small clutch purse or a medium sized tote minus any extra embellishments.

Sport comfortable shoes

Observations say Middleton likes her footwear to be both practical and stylish. She’s never been spotted in a shoe that fits too tight. Her style is one that is effortlessly sophisticated. Her feet are often seen in a pair of comfy wedges or pumps. However, depending one where she’s headed, her shoe preferences differ but still maintain the graceful-and-snug mantra.

Wear less makeup

There’s no denying that when it comes to beauty Kate is a natural. However whatever makeup is on her face it always is light. We can’t remember the last time she wore a red lip or rocked extremely dark makeup. The Duchess prefers a particular range of pink when it comes to her cheeks and lips. Her eyes usually wear a straight black eyeliner which is never too dramatic.

Love your accessories

Now we do know that Kate Middleton is not a huge fan of hoop earrings or chokers; but she’s often seen rocking a pretty, delicate necklace and small sparkly studs. Middleton also is a lover of hair accessories. When the event calls for it, she always wears a fascinator or a hat. In fact, she has a wide range of these ready in various colors.

Keep your blazer around

When the weather calls for it, the new prince’s mother layers with a blazer. Every now and then, she has been noticed wearing one. She seems to be a lover of both dark and light colors here. As we’ve seen her rocking both color palettes. She knows how to pair her blazers quite well too. In fact, when it comes to fashion, Kate Middleton never disappoints.

Go for lace

The Duchess of Cambridge might not be one for sheer or revealing gowns, but lace seems to be high on the list of her favs. She has been spotted more than once wearing lace maxis or dresses with lace sleeves. From powder blue to forest green, we’ve noticed her in a range of colors in classy lace attires. So, at the next party; rock a lacey dress!