Isn’t it tricky to keep up with the changing trends? We have come a long way, from Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress to Katherine Hepburn introducing menswear among ladies, the fashion industry has seen it all. Yet there are some pieces that are pretty much a part of every wardrobe and have been there for a long time.

Here are some wardrobe staples that you can invest in without having to worry about them slipping away from the ever-changing trends:

  • White T’s

A white t-shirt is pretty basic. Plus, it is an all-rounder, which makes it a must-have! You can pair it with literally anything, be it skinny jeans and a leather jacket to give a chic look or black pants and blazer for a formal setting.

  • Black pumps

The right pair of black pump is an important wardrobe piece. These give off signs of confidence and can be a part of all the big events. Besides, you can pull these out even for an interview. And, if there is a party, black pumps are your companions. Not the forger, these have been a part and parcel of the trend for as long as we can remember.

  • Trenchcoat

A trench-coat is perfect for every season and goes with every outfit. In fact, these are capable enough of making the simplest dress look classy. You can trace these back to the 19th century and are still a fashion statement.

  • Cashmere Sweater

If you want to give a simple and effortless look, sweaters are the best pick. They are perfect for all the settings. You can easily put on one before going for groceries or even pair one with a skirt for your work.

  • Loafers

Have heels exhausted you and your feet need some break? No worries! Loafers have got your feet. Investing in ballet flats or loafers can be a very wise decision, as they are always trending and match with almost every look that you aim to nail.

  • White button-down shirt

If we talk about formal looks, they are definitely incomplete without white button downs. Pencil skirts or pants, you name it. What’s more, white button downs look classy with everything. The best part is if you can combine them with jeans, and you are good to go for a casual outing.

  • Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a must-have for all the casual looks. They are perfect for a lazy afternoon, lunches, or even a party. Pairing them up with the right shirt can change your look to the way you want it to be. Get yourself a pair of dark jeans and enjoy them with all your favorite colors.

  • Pencil skirts

When it comes to skirts, pencil skirts tend to speak volumes of confidence, elegance, and chic; making them all at once. They have massively become part of work outfits, and are even perfect for dinner nights and parties.

  • Blazers

Who doesn’t need a piece of clothing that changes the style game within minutes? Blazers are that staple, which can make the simplest of outfits look bold and trendy. Besides, these go best with all your apparels. When getting yourself a blazer just be sure to get one that fits your perfectly, ending right above your hip. This not only will last longer but gives an entirely classic look.

  • Cross Body

When we are talking about the items which are going to stay for a long time then it’s important to mention cross-body bags too. They go along with your everyday look finely, making them a good choice to invest in. A cherry on top is that they are neither too big nor too small.

With these options, you can easily buy without any regret and can make a fashionable statement as well. So, when are you going on your next shopping haul?