Even though he has not quite yet dominated Hollywood, Dev Patel is one man who is almost unignorable. From his cute floppy ears to his shiny smile and gorgeous locks, this guy is all things beautiful inside out. He knows how to charm people with his pure nature and killer looks. Not to forget, he’s full of talent! Year after year he amazes us with his on point acting chops and never fails to deliver a performance that leaves us wondering. And maybe even dreaming a bit about him.

But while we would like to know more about him he’s not one for talking too much about himself. In interviews he just gives vague details about his childhood and does not give away any information that he has not been asked for. While this shows that he’s a great human, it’s sad that we don’t get to know too much about this very good-looking man.

For you though, we have collected a list of 10 things that you probably don’t know about Dev Patel. Wondering what these are? Dive in to know:

1 – He was a super energetic kid

In one interview Dev Patel said himself that he was a “bloody energetic” kid. So much so that his mother had to get him to release his energy elsewhere since he was getting into trouble at school due to all the pent-up energy. And that’s why Dev became skilled in martial arts. The Lion actor has a black belt in Taekwondo. If that doesn’t make him super sexy, we don’t know what does!

2 -He’s been nude on television

Did you know that Dev Patel has been completely naked on television? Well, that’s true. What many people do not know about him is that he had a role on the television series Skins. He was a teenager at that time and appeared entirely nude in an episode. This shows that he has been a very dedicated professional since the very start of his work in the industry.

3 – He has co-starred with Nicholas Hoult

One more interesting fact? Dev has worked with Nicholas Hoult in the very same television series in which he appeared naked. So, while you probably didn’t know that Dev has been around for so long, you probably also didn’t know that Nicholas has been a part of Hollywood since his teen years as well. apparently, Skins was very career-fueling for a lot of it castmates.

4 – He’s a super talented actor since the beginning

Did you know that Dev won an award for his acting the very first time he did it? He performed in his school play, Twelfth Night for which he won the best actor award. His appearance in Slumdog Millionaire also bagged him one too many awards along with a lot of recognition. Then for his movie Lion as well, he won a Golden Globe award. He’s also been nominated in the Oscars.

5 – He is a technophobe

Ever tried googling Dev Patel to find him on social media? We’re pretty sure you have found nothing. That’s because the 29-year-old is not on any social networks. What we mean by him being a technophobe is that he’s not that into technology. It wouldn’t be surprising if you come across him one day and find that he doesn’t even have a smartphone.

6 – He a London-born Brit

While he’s amazing at nailing accents from American to Australian, he’s actually British. Dev Patel was born to Indian parents. Though both of them were born in Kenya and are of Gujrati descent, they met only after their immigration to England. Now while Dev is a Hindu Indian, he cannot fluently speak Hindi, and he sounds and is completely a British native.

7 – He’s very tall

Another fun fact about Dev Patel that you may have already noticed is that he has a very good height. The actor is 6 feet 2 inches tall. So, while he’s of Indian descent, he is taller than most other Indian actors in the industry. Perhaps his height and his lean physique is the combination that gives him his attractive looks.

8 – He cried when he read the Lion script

It’s clear that Dev Patel is as soft as he appears to be gentle. The mild-mannered actor is said to have shed a few tears when he read the script of his own movie Lion. Sure, the movie was very emotional, and we also couldn’t help but cry when we were watching it. This fascinating fact about him shows that he has beautiful heart, just like his face.

9 – People love him for his hair game

Interestingly, a lot of Dev’s fans are in love with his hair. When he first showed off his long hair in Lion, his fans couldn’t help but drool over him. But no, we’re not just talking about the locks on his head, even his facial hair became an instant hit. It seems like the entire hair game that that the acter sported, took him from a young wide-eyed boy to a seductive man who couldn’t be ignored.

10 – He’s a private man

It’s not common to see a lot of news about Dev Patel online. A big reason behind this is that he’s not much of a sharer. You see, he does not have any social media accounts from which any news can be extracted. Other than this, he is not one to share a lot of details about his personal life. Occasionally we do hear news about his love life but that is rare.

So, this was our list of interesting facts about Dev Patel that you probably didn’t know. Do you have something more that you know about him, but others don’t that you’d like to share? Let’s have a conversation on this in the comments!