Everyone who knows Chris Evans knows him for the role of Captain America that he has portrayed for almost a decade. Fans are also well aware that Evans is very fond of dogs and in complete love with his very own Dodger.

If you are crazy for Chris then you also must be knowing that he has several films on his resume, is a dear friend of Scarlett Johansson’s, and was hesitant on taking up Cap’s shield initially. However, there’s still a lot that people don’t know about the star.

To fill in the blanks, here are 10 unique things about Chris Evans that you probably don’t know:

1 – His smile wasn’t as lovely when he was a kid

Chris Evans is one of the most handsome faces in Hollywood today, but the actor once didn’t have as beautiful a smile as he does now. Back in 2011, the 38-year-old told Jimmy Fallon that growing up he didn’t have the best set of teeth. Evans said, “I looked like the village idiot growing up because my teeth were trying to escape my face.” Fortunately, his dentist father fixed the flaw which gave the Captain America star the smile we’ve come to love.

2 – He is known for grabbing his left boob

If you are a hardcore Cevans fan then you probably must have noticed this. Chris Evans is known for grabbing the left side of his chest every time he laughs heartily. And boy, does this man laugh quite a bit! This little habit of the actor is so known by his fanbase that some interview hosts have even addressed it. Furthermore, several many fans have compiled videos of the actor laughing with his head thrown back and his hand holding his chest.

3 – He is a romantic at heart

Though it is a shocker for some that Chris Evans doesn’t have any girlfriend as of right now, the sweet guy actually is a romantic. He admitted that he is a romantic in an interview with Entertainment Tonight when his movie Before We Go came out. He talked about his romantic nature with Vanity Fair as well which is when fans found that his feelings run so deep that in front of the woman he loves, he may even perspire. How cute!

4 – People love his vocabulary

Everyone who admires Chris Evans and follows him on Twitter is aware that the actor who played the first Avenger is passionate about politics. However, fans who love him a bit too much always pinpoint that Chris Evans has a treasury full of words. The Boston native is one learned man who uses vocabulary that can leave anyone impressed. Perhaps this is the reason why even his serious tweets are so much fun to read.

5 – He knows how to tap dance

Because he is master of all traits, Chris Evans also knows how to tap dance. The actor even showed off his moves on The Ellen Show in the episode which starred Elizabeth Olsen too. He has some killer tap dance skills that even his younger co-star Mckenna Grace pointed out. Evans tap dances to put a lid on his anxiety – oh yeah, he has some serious anxiety which he has learned how to control over the years. This is one talented dude we’re talking about.

6 – His fans call him Dorito

Chris Evans has a couple of nicknames that have been awarded to him by different people. Co-star Anthony Mackie called him Captain Little Ass. His last Marvel movie, Avengers Endgame gave him the nickname America’s Ass. Cevans is a nickname that he has had for a long time now. Plus, fans call him Dorito. Why is that so, you ask? Well, one person pointed out that his shoulder to waist proportion made him look like the chip’s shape. Soon, the nickname spread.

7 – He’s a fan of sweaters and round neck shirts

Swipe through Chris Evans’ photos and you will notice that the star has quite a liking for shirts that do not give too much of a glimpse of his manly chest. The actor buttons up his button-down shirts up to his neck. Also, he doesn’t wear V-necklines all too often. In fact, we cannot recall the last time he wore a tee that didn’t have a round neck. Fans have also noticed that Evans loves sweaters almost as much as he loves pooches.

8 – People think he’s a great human being

Fans who have met him and folks who have got the chance to notice him from afar whist working with him have mentioned that he is a great guy. Kind, humble, attentive, and a pure gentleman are some terms that are used to describe his personality. You can check out what real people think about him by reading about his personality on Quora. Some say he comes off as shy and reserved in crowded areas but when fewer people are in the room, he’s chill. Blame anxiety, guys.

9 – He’s a philosophical man who has an interest in Buddhism

Chris Evans grew up in a Catholic family, but he was never forced to follow the religion. He leaned toward pantheistic views once. The actor also mentioned once that he had started to become interested in Eastern philosophies which is how he learned about Buddhism. Chris Evans believes in science over religion. Talking about Buddhism, Evans had said, “There was a whole religion that felt the way I was feeling. That’s when I thought, ‘Wow, I think I’m a Buddhist.’”

10 – His high school girlfriend ditched him

We all have Chris Evans as our imaginary boyfriend. In fact, we don’t think we’ll ever be able to get women, and even men, who don’t find this unicorn of a human lovable. His looks are just a cherry on top and that ripped physique is among the best on the big screen. Despite him being a complete package though Evans’ high school girlfriend ditched him which is why he left prom too. The actor revealed, “We danced all night, then she got back together with her ex.”

So, did you already know any of these facts about Chris? Which other unique things about the star would you like to add? Tell us in the comments!