Gigi Hadid might have made a sudden appearance in the fashion industry, but she was quick to become famous and have her name on everyone’s lips. You must also be knowing who this stunning model is not only because of her success but also because of her one-of-a-kind relationship with former One Direction singer, Zayn Malik. Don’t know about her? You must be living under a rock.

Gigi Hadid has walked the ramp for several brands and couture houses including Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria’s Secret. The Californian diva has both the talent and the looks.

Obsessed with her fun personality, and hypnotizing looks? We’ve collected a list of 6 things that you most likely don’t know about her to feed your Gigi-obsessed soul. Read on!

Her modelling career started when she was only a child

Ever look at all these cute kid models and wonder which of them will rule the fashion industry when they grow up? Gigi Hadid was a member of the child model crew for Guess. She started her modelling career when she was only two years old. If you know of her since her first photoshoot with the brand, then we’re certain you’d have known right then that she was sure to be a successful model when she grew up.

She is a pro when it comes to horse riding

Gigi Hadid is not someone to mess with; she can ride a horse as well as she can drive a car. Hadid grew up riding horses and has also mentioned horse riding as her favorite childhood memory time and again. The IMG model gave fans a glimpse of her skills when she shared a throwback video flaunting her horse-riding expertise. She used to do ride horses with fellow model and sister, Bella Hadid. We’ve got to add; we’re totally impressed with these girls!

She’s not only a talented model but a skilled cook too

Because being amazingly good-looking and a rising model is not good enough, Gigi has also been blessed with another skill: cooking. Although when together with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik is the one at the stove, when she’s with sister Bella Hadid things get heated up as both the sisters are competitive. Gigi and Zayn also co-create meals. How cute is that? Definitely #GOALS!

She might be super famous, but she still gets nervous on-stage

The Victoria’s Secret model is anything but haughty – a great quality for someone who is wealthy, famous, and beautiful. In fact, this woman also experiences her fair share of jitters despite how confident she appears. Talking about the speech she gave when she won the Glamour Woman of the Year award in 2017 to Vogue, Gigi said, “I was really nervous to give my speech, and I almost couldn’t speak because I really felt that honored and touched.”

She is part Palestinian with Dutch blood running in her veins too

Jelena Noura Hadid (her real name) is not purely American. Fans have always pointed out how she looks like an Arab apart from the blonde locks and blue-green eyes. The model is half-Palestinian. Her ancestry is also Dutch, and her face gives away that as well if you look closely. She is Palestinian from her father’s side and Dutch from her mother’s.

She is actually related to the Jenner sisters

What? you though that Gigi and Bella Hadid were merely friends with Kendall and Kylie Jenner? Well, nope. They might as well all be sisters. These girls have a link in their family trees through divorced marriages. In Gigi’s own words, “my mom [Yolanda] married David [Foster], who was married to Linda Jenner [now Thompson], who was Caitlyn Jenner’s ex-wife…we’re related through divorced marriages.” Confused? We are too.

She has Hashimoto’s Disease

She looks fresh, fit and oh-so-gorgeous but did you know that she is actually battling a disease? Gigi makes illness seem like its nothing at all when in truth we’re pretty sure that this thyroid disorder must be difficult to deal with for her. Talking about her ailment, Hadid said in an interview, “My metabolism actually changed like crazy this year. I have Hashimoto’s disease. It’s a thyroid disease, and it’s now been two years since taking the medication for it.”

Her first kiss was terrible

You know how first kisses are, no? They are awkward and not always as romantic as novels and movies make them seem. Above all, they are unforgettable. Gigi Hadid experienced her first lip-locking session when she was 14. While she kissed a guy whom she liked, it was still bad. Blame the braces. Uh, yes, Hadid wore braces too. talking about the kiss, she said, “It was horrible and awkward. And lots of metal happening.”

She lends her clothes to Bella Hadid

Gigi revealed that she doesn’t borrow a lot of Bella Hadid’s clothes. On the contrary, Bella does borrow hers. Explaining this, Gigi said, “I don’t take anything when I go to her house, but she manages to be like, ‘Well, I came here in gym clothes and now we’re going to dinner and I need…’ And I’m like, ‘Take whatever you want and bring it back.’ But now I have a list in my phone. Bella, bring back my belt!” Totally relatable.

She has a crush on Rihanna and Beyoncé

It’s a trend for some reason to ask females in Hollywood who their girl crushes are. So, naturally, Gigi Hadid who is one of the top models in the industry right now has been asked this question as well. She revealed that her girl crushes are Beyoncé and Rihanna. RiRi is someone a lot of women look up to. We do too.