A faster metabolism means fats are burned at a much better speed, energy is released, and weight loss occurs. They say people who are slimmer than others are so because they are blessed with a fast metabolism. In this regard, there are several ways you can naturally speed up your body’s metabolic activity. To help you out, we’ve explored 10 of these below.

1- Add more proteins to your diet:

If you want to quickly lose weight by speeding up your metabolism, simply add more proteins to your diet than carbs or calories. Proteins encourage weight loss by making metabolism faster. They also enable you to feel fuller for longer which means you don’t need to indulge in eating anytime soon. Along with these two benefits, proteins also prevent the loss of lean muscle mass.

2 – Consume more omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in fish can help you lose weight by revving up metabolic activity. This is because, unlike other high-fats, they aren’t abundant sources of calories. They contain EPA and DHA which can actually help reduce weight. Omega-3s also help cut down fats by curbing your appetite and keeping you from overeating.

3 – Mix up your workout routine

Working out can also help in weight loss by burning more fats. When you engage in a high-intensity workout, your body burns fats even hours after you are done with exercising. To speed up metabolic activity further, mix up your exercise plan. This also enables muscle building, so rather than just melting stubborn pounds, exercise makes you fit too.

4 – Treat yourself to cold water

Rather than guzzling down beverages that are filled with sugars and calories, opt for cold water. Cold water forces your body to work harder to normalize its temperature and hence, triggers weight loss. It also ups metabolism. What’s more, a chilled drink of water will also keep you full and prevent hunger pangs from banging at your stomach.

5 – Drink the right tea

Add oolong tea and green tea to your routine. They say these two drinks can help you get rid of adamant pounds by boosting the natural fat-burning process of the body. This they are able to do by converting the fat that has been accumulated in the body into fatty acids and hence, promoting the fat-burning process. However, more studies are needed to solidify this.

6 – Eat more red peppers

Peppers contain a compound called capsaicin that can enable weight loss when taken in huge amounts. However, for capsaicin to work its magic and speed up metabolic activity, it must be taken in huge amounts. Unfortunately, the spice is too spicy to be bearable in that quantity. Therefore, one can only take it in small amounts and combine this trick with other metabolism-boosting tricks.

7 – Don’t deprive yourself of sleep

Sleep loss and weight gain are linked. This is because sleep has negative impacts on metabolism. Sleep deprivation also causes the hormone that hints the feelings of fullness to decrease and the hormone which indicates hunger to increase. This means the body doesn’t only get slow in blasting fats off, but it also collects more pounds when you are sleep deprived.

8 – Stop stressing so much

Stress can also cause weight gain. Not only does stress make you indulge in emotional eating which makes you put on more pounds, but it also slows down your metabolic processes. Stress encourages the activation of the hormone called cortisol which is not only known for worsening metabolism but also for increasing the risk of obesity.

9 – Consume more whole foods

More fruits and vegetables should be made a part of your diet since they can flush out toxins and encourage weight loss. Whole foods can keep your body energetic as well. By staying active, you will be able to exercise better. Metabolism is also boosted since there are no additives or preservatives in the picture and hence, a reduction in weight occurs.

10 – Don’t sit too much

Work responsibilities can have to sitting at all times. However, sitting too much is not good for your health. It can also result in weight gain as fewer calories are burned when you are constantly sitting. That said, stand up more and regularly. You can go for a standing desk. Move around more. Walk can also be helpful.

Key takeaway

To sum up, metabolism plays a key role in enabling weight loss. To speed up your metabolism, you can eat a healthy diet that is rich in whole foods, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids. Eat spicy meals, drink more water, and take green or oolong tea. You can also go for HIT training to burn more fats. Don’t forget to sleep well and destress too if you want to boost your metabolism.