“He likes me, he likes me not” you could either chant this all day long or try to dig for answers. Despite having played this game several times, most people are often dumbfounded when trying figure out whether or not someone likes them. It’s not as hard to spot when someone has a crush on someone you know. But when trying to solve mysteries that revolve around you? It seems to be the most challenging knot to untangle.

Thanks to google, you still have a better chance at decoding the signs. We’ve compiled a list too to help you out. Here are some signs that say that the particular person you think is crushing on you, is surely crushing on you.

  1. A mighty, goofy smile

If a person likes you, he or she will be forced by their inner thoughts and feelings to smile that enormous smile around you. Either this, or they’ll have that downright awestruck expression on their face. Like you have walked down from the clouds and there’s a halo hovering just above your head.

  1. Lingering gaze and eye contact

Ever noticed in movies how actors look at their love interest? Like they have placed the moon in the sky and the stars shine because they demand so. Science says that people tend to hold on to the gaze of the people they like and keep looking without even being aware of it. Staring, however, can be outright rude and make you feel uncomfortable.

When you look at someone you like your pupils dilate. So, if you notice that someone’s looking at you a lot and his pupils are dilated, know that this person most probably has a crush on you. Likewise, people tend to avoid eye contact with those they dislike.

  1. The touch of love

People find the need to touch the someone they like. Even if it is just a brush of an arm. However, we’re not talking about perverted touching here. No one who likes you would risk harassing you to get the signal across. In fact, no decent person would do that at all. Although, know that it can be that the opposite person’s hand slightly touched yours mistakenly.

  1. Nervous behavior

Oh, the tingles that go up your spine when your crush is around you! The same feeling is experienced by someone who has a crush on you. They feel nervous and they’re body may not be able to hide it. If someone fidgets too much around you, plays with his or her hair, and acts odd, it might be that this person has a crush on you which is leading them to behave awkwardly.

  1. Secret obsessions

Crushes transform us into our creepiest versions. We tend to stalk the people we seriously like online. We try to hoard their pictures too, even though it makes us feel low. Someone who likes you behaves in the same way. He or she might mistakenly slip into a conversation a post you shared because he had it on his mind.

Similarly, because this person obsesses over things you say, looking for signs that you might also like him, he may remember tiny details from the conversations that you have had. While this all is normal, someone behaving crazily obsessed with you is not good. You should keep distance from anyone who takes the obsession to a level you are uncomfortable with.

  1. Blooming conversations

So, you noticed all of these signs and then this person comes up to you and tries to start a conversation? That’s a clear sign. Unless the opposite person was very bored and no one but you were around to talk. People tend to find reasons to talk to the people they like. However, there’s also this shy category that avoids all talks usually because of feelings of shyness and nervousness.

  1. Less physical distances

In a crowd, someone who has a crush on you, will try to get closer. He or she will try to be around you. This your crush-er does for several reasons. To maintain closeness, to make himself visible to you, to catch a good look at you, etc. So, if you notice that someone is treating you like the sun and revolving around you like a planet, know that this person probably has a crush on you.

Similarly, in case of an encounter, this person is going to lean toward you. Science says that when people like each other, they tend to do that. Body orientation says a lot about how much a person is interested in you.

  1. Mirroring and mimicking

No, we’re absolutely not talking about someone consistently repeating what you just said to annoy you. We’re talking about how someone starts using the same words you do or mirroring your subtle actions. Mimicking someone’s body subtly is a way the crush-er sends a hint to his crush that he is harboring some lovey-dovey feelings.

  1. Social media interactions

Thanks to social media, people can not only stalk their crush in depth but can also interact with them. Sometimes, people even leave crumbs. If someone views all your Instagram stories and you also spot them liking that picture you posted back in 2015, chances are this person has a crush on you.

He or she will also like most of your post, react haha on the memes you share on FB, and retweet your tweets. However, this person can also be interacting with you on social media because he genuinely thinks you are cool and wants to be just friends with you.

  1. His friends know about you

Mostly, what people do when they are crush-struck is that they discuss their crush. A lot. They worship the person with words. So, if you notice that your potential crush-er’s friends know your name or other details about you, this is a solid sign that this person’s interest in you is genuine. So much so that he found you important enough to discuss.

To sum up, if you have tick marked most of these signs, there’s a 99% probability that the person you think has a crush on you truly has a crush on you. One way to know it for sure is when he or she comes to you and openly says, ‘I have a crush on you.’ However, most people aren’t that brave, specifically not in the beginning. Seriously, who wants to be rejected by someone they like? No one.