You must have heard of how women, in ancient times, would literally submerge in tubs of milk for beauty purposes. These women were right to do so, considering the many benefits that milk holds for skin. Not only is milk a time-tested remedy for beautiful skin, it is also science-tested. But how can you make the most of it for your facial skin? Pretty sure drinking it regularly cannot be enough, no?

You see, while the application of milk directly on your face can be tricky, you can mix it with oatmeal for getting a thicker consistency. Know what else you can do? Use milk cream also known as malai in some Asian countries. Milk cream is the thick layer on the surface of milk that is made of proteins, fats, and vitamins. This thick layer is easier to apply on its own.

You can massage it on your skin in an upward and inward circular motion for getting many benefits. Let this malai rest on your face for some minutes before washing it off. Know that taking it off can be a challenge because of its rather greasy texture and you may need to wash quite vigorously. However, it is so worth the results!

Wondering how milk cream can benefit your skin? Here’s a list of 10 ways it makes your skin better to encourage you to try this natural and effortless remedy:

1 – It makes skin softer

The layer of fats and coagulated proteins which forms of the surface of fresh milk can serve as a great home remedy to get soft and supple skin. Even in a single application, milk cream can make your skin visibly plumper. You can either apply this cream solo or mix it with turmeric or oatmeal to get the benefit.

2 – It hydrates skin

Lack of moisture can make your skin dry and dull. Stress and heat can work together against your skin and give it a flaky look. To combat this issue, you can gently rub on milk cream on your facial skin. The remedy would work to moisturize your skin by going to the deepest layer of it and nourishing the tissues there. In fact, you can also apply malai on your hands or feet to combat the issue of dryness.

3 – It brightens skin

If you are looking to brighten your skin or to improve its tone and texture, milk cream can come in handy. This easily-available natural ingredient can improve your complexion and give your skin a radiant glow. For getting this benefit of fairer skin or for combating tanning, you can add a few drops of lemon to the malai and apply.

4 – It removes dead cells

The accumulation of dead cells on skin can be dealt with by the use of any exfoliator. However, if you’re looking for a natural trick, then know that you can rely on milk full cream. You can mix some breadcrumbs or oatmeal in malai to prepare your homemade exfoliator. Apply the mix wherever you want you want to get rid of dead skin cells. Rub gently and wash off.

5 – It can cleanse skin

Another way milk cream can benefit skin is by working as a cleanser. This is because it can wipe off dirt and dust from your skin. By removing grime, it can ensure that your pores don’t get clogged and your skin remains healthy. Keeping in view that clogged pores can trigger acne, they must be kept clean and unblocked. Simply massage your skin with milk cream to gain this benefit.

6 – It tightens pores

Milk cream can also make skin healthier by tightening pores. While pores are always open, large pores can be troublesome as they can lock in dirt and cause acne or other skin troubles. The malai treatment only requires you to keep the ingredient applied on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Facial pores will be tightened as a result.

7 – It prevents wrinkles

Yet another benefit for the skin which can be experienced by the use of milk cream is that it prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Both of these occur with aging however, some people may get them sooner than others which can make them appear older. Since milk cream contains proteins and vitamins it can encourage collagen production which is the building block of the skin that maintains its youthful appearance.

8 – It can treat sunburns

It’s not uncommon to get sunburns after a day out in the sun or on the beach. Left alone, sunburns can even cause cancer which is why treating them is necessary. This remedy by nature can help eradicate sunburns. You just have to leave the milk cream on your skin for about 20 minutes before washing it off with cool water.

9 – It removes dark spots

Milk cream is a nourishing remedy that can also erase dark spots on the skin which often ruin its look. These dark spots can either be marks left by acne or bad zits or just caused by the sun. The protein content in malai can repair skin cells. New skin cell formation can get rid of dark spots so that you get an even complexion and glow.

10 – It can reduce skin irritation

Last but not the least, milk cream can also lessen skin irritation as it is packed with nutrients. It ensures faster wound healing which can reduce skin irritation. Therefore, instead of suffocating your skin with the use of chemical-based skincare products, you can try this simple home remedy which is great for sensitive skin.

Wrap up thoughts

Full cream from raw milk is great for skin as it can brighten skin’s tone, lighten dark spots, and give a youthful glow. It also moisturizes skin and makes it smooth, supple, and soft. The natural enzymes and nutrients found in milk are what give it these abilities. So, if you are on the lookout for natural remedies for flawless skin, this is one option worth trying out.