Tall, dark, and handsome – there is always a set of features that we look for in the opposite gender. At the end of the day though, it’s more about personality traits than physical features when we are looking for someone to fall in love with.

Like for women, a man who is easy-going, loyal, and mature is attractive, there are certain qualities that men also seek in women. These qualities definitely make women more attractive to them. Wondering what men look for in women? Here are 10 qualities that men secretly like in ladies:

1 – Intelligence

Intelligence is sexy on both the genders. Looks like reading a few books doesn’t make you look nerdy in the wrong light, after all. Men are not attracted to bimbos who don’t know anything. They like a woman is academically ahead. Someone who has a brain enough to take charge and the right decisions, someone who can participate in intellectual conversations.

2 – Independence

Do you like men who walk behind you all the time, have no preferences, choices or words of their own? Pretty sure you’re moving your head no to that. Men also prefer women who are independent financially. This just shows that she can do well on her own as well and has a life. Women who don’t rely for everything on someone are attractive to men.

3 – Humor

Next up, men look for women who are humorous. Studies show that women are attracted to men who are good at making fun jokes. On the other hand, men like women are open to laughing on their jokes openheartedly. Those ladies who can handle a bit of teasing and keep the spark alive by having witty responses rather than a sullen face are more attractive because they keep a relationship going.

4 – Spontaneity

A woman who enjoys sudden plans is always active enough to take on challenges and have some fun in life. Being lighthearted makes you come off as joyful, and great to have around. Spontaneity, for this reason, makes you more attractive to men. Not to mention, someone who is spontaneous outside is sure to be adventurous inside the room too.

5 – Kindness

Another quality that makes women come off as more attractive to men is kindness. Men notice you when you do random good things for others. People who are kind are overall seen as better partners in both the genders. A woman who is kind and caring comes off as nurturing, someone who will be a great mother and instill great qualities in those she is around.

6 – Openness

One study showed that people think of those who are open hearted as more beautiful. Men also prefer women who are more open hearted, as in those who share things, those are willing to bring them into their world. Hiding and keeping secrets just shows you as someone who is not willing to get emotionally intimate with another person.

7 – Confidence

Confidence is also a quality that men find attractive in women. Males are naturally attracted to women who carry themselves confidently, are comfortable in their own skin, are comfortable with their personality, and are sure about themselves. Someone who is confident shows that he or she is in the way he or she walks, talks, deals and more.

8 – Support

Men are caretakers by nature and by the role the society has put on them. In this, they need partners who are willing to support their vision. For instance, if a man is moving across town and his girlfriend’s job or the lack of one allows her to support his decision and move with him, he’d consider that support very attractive.

9 – Calmness

A woman is calm-natured is more likely to handle arguments with grace than one who is hot-tempered. She’s also likely to deal with a situation more maturely because she doesn’t let her emotions get to her. In a relationship, when one person chooses to remain calm, the other also calms down. This is why men like calm women – they tame bad situations.

10 – Agreeableness

Someone who is agreeable is warm and welcoming. This is what makes him or her more likeable. Men like females who are agreeable. This shows that they are willing to understand their partners. Agreeableness also makes people more cooperative which is also a quality that is preferred. Since agreeable people are friendly, they are also easy to get along with.

So, this was our list of qualities men find attractive in women. How many of these do you have?

Before you go though, remember that not all men want these qualities in women. Lacking a quality or two of these doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to find someone who will forever love you for your own unique self.