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10 nails to pick up urgently this Thursday morning

November is the best month to save money. As the holiday season approaches, Black Friday on Amazon is coming off a single day on AliExpress. Throughout this period, you will find real nails from all these merchants. Here is a list of the best offers from this Thursday. The stock can go from one minute to the next and we usually renew contracts.

Good projects at the moment:

AliExpress Single Day Good Offers:

AliExpress single day launches from November 11 at 9:00 am. This is the largest action in the world against black silver. The offers below are valid from then on. It is better to keep the products in your basket now as the stock is less. The codes in parentheses are active from that point. At 9:00 am, check your basket, enter the code, and pay as soon as possible.

Computers / Tablets / TV:
Smartphones and forks:


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Black silver on Amazon is now better known than a single day on AliExpress in Europe. However, it is this activity, which takes place on November 11 each year, that accumulates the largest volume of sales. In this “single day” event with only the number “1”, the merchant has surpassed $ 74 billion last year.

If you want to do business during the month, keep in mind that the single day on AliExpress will take place on November 11th (and 12th), and Black Friday on November 26th on Amazon. Whether you are an online merchant or another company you will get the best prices of the year during this period. You can treat yourself to a lower rate or get ahead of your Christmas gifts.

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Black silver comes to the fore

During Black Friday, Amazon, Cdiscount and all the other big dishonest brands are attacked. In the technical section, there are discounts for popular products such as AirPods, iPhone 13 or Galaxy S21. No big mark was left, but it should be noted that this sector has been targeted by the very annoying breakdown of semiconductors. As a result, stocks are still low.

During Black Friday, Amazon and other merchants did not just focus on high technology. If this is a theme with a historical background for the event, you can save on all product types on each site: Health, Sports, Fashion, Decoration, DIY … Remember to browse the different sections of each site for the amount of activity.

Black Friday on Amazon and single day on AliExpress, deals are just crazy. However, they always go away in a few hours. For good reason, merchants prefer flash offers, specific discounts that target popular products but they go faster due to time and limited availability. The most popular is no more than ten minutes.

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How is a day on AliExpress?

If you don’t know a single day yet, know that this move was imagined by Alibaba, the owner of the merchant. Since 2009, the operating system has filled the web with all sorts of reductions to the extent that Prime Day was created by Amazon in response to this XL functionality. I must immediately say that AliExpress is the best dealer with offers that can reach -70% during the November 11 festival.

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As we said, a day on AliExpress generated $ 74 billion in revenue in a single day last year. If this activity is not yet influential in Europe, Black Friday Amazon will not fit in with its tiny 10 billion figures. On November 11th and 12th, AliExpress actually breaks its prices, with the prices of the most popular products not found in the products officially released six months ago.

You understand, the single day is November 11 at 9am. On the other hand, progress is possible, and we strongly advise you to do just that. In this case, it is best to create an account with the merchant and start filling your basket. From the beginning, all you have to do is go to the site, add the promo code and confirm the order of your products in the basket.

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All major brands are present, whether it is black and silver on Amazon or single day on AliExpress. During the November 11, 2021 festival, the merchant goes a long way in dedicating himself to Xiaomi, OnePlus and Apple. In the end, the discounts are more interesting than black silver. Before verifying the order, do not forget to enter the exclusive promo code, which will be included in the basic discount.

  • 11AE08: 50 discount on purchase of 50
  • 11AE30: 199 30 30 ுவதற்கு discount on purchase
  • 11AE45: 299 45 45 € discount on purchase
  • 11AE60: 399 60 60 € discount on purchase

High tech products at low prices

As an alternative to black silver, AliExpress focuses on the most popular products on its business site, such as the Poco X3 Pro. At 9am on November 11th, this mid-range smartphone will drop its price to 199 euros. With the addition of the 11AE30 code, it will be reduced to 169 euros. It is simple and shows the entry-level model price when the phone is very powerful. To secure this offer, you must already have the phone in the basket, which is the only way to arrive on time.

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Unique opportunities to save on Black Friday and single day holiday season on Amazon. These activities take place once a year and you have no other way to find products at such prices. All offers will disappear very quickly, you should not wait too long during these two annual events and act as soon as possible. In addition, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the second opportunity.

During Amazon Black Friday and later in the year, all online merchants are required to provide a withdrawal period. It allows free return of a product through e-commerce site. Depending on the latter, it can vary from 14 to 30 days.

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