On the surface, we hold exercise synonymous with weight loss and body trimming. It is a good means to build some muscles and tone your belly to look picture perfect. However, as you scratch deeper, there are a plethora of reasons why exercise is beneficial for you. From alleviating anxiety to boosting self-confidence, there is a lot about the benefits of exercise that has seldom made it to our knowledge. So here is a list of ten exercise benefits that aren’t given as much priority as weight management when it comes to workouts.

  1. Protects the brain from brain damage

Exercise is a good channel to protect your brain from the damage done by heavy drinking. A study showed the aerobic exercise helped to prevent as well as reverse such a brain damage. Heavy consumption of alcohol kills the brain cells but exercise can serve as an antidote to reverse damage in the white matter of the brain.

  1. Overcomes physical limitation

Regular exercise can help to overcome one’s physical limitations. For instance, in the case of arthritis, supportive exercise can help one to overcome immobility limitations. One such supportive exercise is swimming that allows to move the joints, while simultaneously supporting the body. Muscles around the joints are built, which aids in reducing the pain that accompanies arthritis.

  1. Curbs stress

Stress isn’t uncommon. And since we are always gathering ways to bust stress, it is good to know that exercise is a solution for stress. A quick walk or workout can help you to better deal with mental and physical stress. Exercise can also help to enhance the norepinephrine concentration. This chemical is essential for moderating the brain’s stress response.

  1. Deals with depression

It is common for a therapist to recommend exercise to his patients as an outlet of getting rid of all the negative emotions. Not only can you deal better with stress and tension by breaking a sweat but you are able to filter out the blues too. In the aftermath of an episode of exercise, the brain produces endorphins that help you to relax. This is an effective way of dealing with anxiety.

  1. Improves sleep

Sleep and exercise enjoy compatibility swing on the see-saw. As and when, one of them improves the other also automatically improves. So, the next time you feel that insomnia is inching close to your sleeping schedule, you can rely on exercise to fix the sleep schedule. Not only does exercise help you to sleep but it also encourages a good quality sleep. Likewise, when you sleep better, you are able to reap many benefits including an active workout session.

benefits of exercise

  1. Enhances heart health

Although this is among the pretty much-known benefits of exercise, it is always great to know how exercise contributes to improved cardiovascular health. Some of the major benefits of exercise in this regard include lowering of the blood pressure, lowering of bad cholesterol, and improving the good cholesterol. Exercise also strengthens the heart muscle and cuts the risk of stroke.

  1. Boost productivity

If your brain productivity takes a slow pace or shifts into the reverse gear, you can start exercising to accelerate your productivity. Studies have shown that a brisk walk is a good break from a mental block of creativity. Research has also shown that people who perform regular exercise tend to be 60% more productive than others who live a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Exercise improves learning

Exercise encourages the production of brain growth factors which makes new brain cells and forms new cell connections that encourage learning. Exercises such as a dance class or a game of tennis provide a good boost to the brain. German researchers confirmed that high school students who did 10 minutes of fitness exercise performed better on high-attention task.

  1. Boosts self-esteem

Most basically, the outcome of exercise is a fit as a fiddle body, so why wouldn’t you feel confident. Other than that, exercises can improve positive self-image which adds to the benefits of exercise. Physical fitness does a good work on improving your personal perception of attractiveness regardless of size, weight, age, or gender.

  1. Curbs aging

Exercise is also a good means to slow the ticking clock of aging. It slows the degeneration of the central nervous system. It also slows down the decline in the bone density so when you do regular exercise, you won’t have to fall into the trap of fragile bones anytime soon. Exercises that help to bear your weight are great for promoting bone formation and help to keep osteoporosis at bay.

  1. Prevents cognitive decline

Exercise assists in improving the oxygen supply to the brain. With the increase blood flow to the brain, mental performance improves. The benefits of exercise also include improving your thinking skills and boost memory. Exercise is also great for preventing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The above shows a plethora of advantages that can be derived from exercise. This helps give more reasons and motivates you to add regular exercise to your routine. In fact, only a brisk walk on a daily note has lots of merits.

So, it’s high time that you incorporate exercise to your jam-packed, busy routine. As for those people who are already working out, know that you are not only doing wonders for your muscles but also the rest of the body and the brain as well.