A full-time job can be pretty hectic and exhausting not only physically but mentally as well. And, amidst the daily life chaos we tend to forget about our health at times. This is one of the main reasons that health issues are rising across the globe.

Our health is significantly determined by what we eat. Though exercise is important what is on our plate decides the type of health we’ll have. Those who work would know best that while being on the desk they just try to grab what is easily available to them for the sake of satisfying their hunger, forgetting about their health altogether.

This then leads to issues like obesity. But only if you work for what is good for your health, you will be able to enjoy the success for which you have been working so hard. In this regard, here are a few ideas for your next lunches at work so that you can enjoy healthy home-cooked meals at your workplace:

  1. Seal Some Scrumptious Salads

Salads are one of the safest choices as these can be made in various ways and are full of nutrients. Some basic constituents of salads include beans, chickpeas, and vegetables of your choices. You can even add up proteins in form of chicken or salmon and seasonings like olive oil, black pepper, salt, sesame, vinegar, and honey. These can be a good combination of carbs, fat, and protein.

Make yourself chopped chickpea Greek salad or tuna salad for Monday.

  1. Power it up with Protein

Protein holds an important position in your diet. Hence, you need to include them in your meals. You can prepare various dishes that can meet your daily requirement for protein. You can have, chicken, salmon, and red meat along with salads, pasta, or brown rice to cover your requirements of other macronutrients. You can either make meatballs or grill your protein but don’t forget to enjoy.

Have some lighter Mongolian beef for Tuesdays.

  1. Go easy with bars

If you have one of those days when you have too much on your plate and there wouldn’t be much time to eat your luxurious meal, then you can have few of these energy bars to keep you going. These energy bars cover up quite a lot of your daily requirements from carbs to protein. There are various energy bars including chocolate and peanut butter. These are not only delicious but also healthy. Prepare these bars and freeze them up for later use.

For instance, you can try some easy homemade protein bars for Wednesday or a busy weekday.

  1. Add wraps in your lunch plan

Who doesn’t love some meat-filled, spiced up and full of veggies wraps? They are handy and you can easily have them without needing much of the cutleries. Spread any of your favorite healthy spread like hummus, assemble some veggies, beans, and protein (optional) on flatbread and enjoy these wraps at your workstation. These are the best alternatives to all your junks foods and provide all that your body desires.

Make yourself some Thai turkey lettuce wrap for Thursday.

  1. Seal up a Sandwich

Apart from wraps, sandwiches are another shot at a fulfilling lunch. These provide a perfect combination of carbs and other macronutrients. Take bran bread or pita bread and make yourself a mouthwatering sandwich for your work. You can even have a complete vegetable sandwich if you want to avoid protein. These are not only good for office but you can enjoy them as supper too. Plus, they are quite healthy options, way better than fast foods.

Enjoy your Friday with Sonoma Chicken Salad Sandwiches or a smoked trout and cucumber open sandwich.

  1. Fill up a furnace with soup

Soups are another very good option for lunch to take to work. If you are worried about the leakage, you can pack them up in a thermos.  Soups are healthy options as they are also filled up with all the important nutrients. There are various delicious recipes available. You can make your soup in beans, meat or veggies. You can also enjoy them as a healthy meal at your work and soups are generally a lighter source of nutrition. Thus, a good choice.

If you have to work on Saturdays then steam it up with Rustic Vegetable Soup.

  1. Sweeten it up with fruits

If you are tired of the regular food items and you want to keep it light, your best bet is a box full of all the seasonal fruits. Mixed berries, apples, bananas, peaches, pears, and apricots are a few of the various fruits that you can pack yourself for work. Not only are they full of nutrients but they are also very easy to eat at your work desk. You can take these fruits with other meals. After all, an apple a day keeps a doctor away.

Start your new week with a lighter diet, and pack all your favorite seasonal fruits.

  1. Twirl up some pasta

Pasta or spaghettis are another very good choice to take to your work. They are rich sources of fiber and carbs. You can easily take them as your sideline with your favorite protein or you can add them in a salad and make it more delicious. Pasta is fulfilling in nature, so when you know that it will be a long day at work, you can favor yourself by packing up some pasta.

On the second day of the second week try some pasta, make yourself shrimp zucchini noodles.

  1. Have these mouthwatering muffins

Muffins or snacks are the kind of meals that you can even make at home and take as lunch. These are also unique in contrast with your regular salads, soups or meat items. Plus, they provide you with all the nutrients to keep you going for the day. Either make yourself a frittata or bake yourself a blueberry muffin. Both of these are good options to take to work.

Go easy on yourself and have some over fried salmon cake or mini frittatas.

  1. Complete your meal with rice

Rice, especially, brown rice can be part of your diet. They come from the family of whole grain and are definitely healthy for you. Though these are sidelines to your basic meal, they make up a big portion of your diet. You can make fried rice or have some spicy chicken and enjoy these meals at your work. These are not restricted to your lunch but you can follow these ideas for your dinner as well.

Have something satisfying and make yourself vegetable fried rice or meatless Mexican lunch box carrying brown rice.

Take home message

It is best to plan your week ahead. A healthy diet only leads to a healthy life. This is why it is important for you to make sure that the three meals of your day consist of the food that is healthy. We have shared some appetizing ideas with you above. Since, taste matters a lot too, these ideas will help you in planning some good lunch for your work. With these ideas, you can become a trendsetter for a healthy lifestyle at your workplace. Get healthier and enjoy these amazing meals.