You’d have noticed modern homes having plants indoors. This move doesn’t solely serve from an aesthetic point of view. The installation of indoor plants is beneficial in other ways as well. The air is filled with harmful pollutants that can make one age faster, cause fatigue as well as illness. Unfortunately, the pollution behind close doors is often higher than outdoors. Surprising, no?

This is where indoor plants can come into the picture. These can protect your health against pollution along with providing many other benefits physical, mental as well as for the surroundings. Here is a list of health benefits which can be experienced by having a plant planted inside your house:

1 – They reduce stress

Indoor plants can reduce stress levels as shown by research conducted by Chungnam National University scientists. In their test, they found that the presence of indoor plants made participants calmer. The sight of nature, it seems, has a beneficial impact on one’s psychological state as it can also reduce anxiety levels.

2 – They enable better breathing

The theory behind this is obvious – plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen and hence, allow for better breathing. This quality of indoor plants also ensures better air quality. However, some plants take in oxygen at night when the rate of photosynthesis is lower. Though there are plants such as orchids which also exhale oxygen at night.

3 – They reduce air pollution

Indoor plants are applauded for their ability to decrease pollution inside by eliminating toxins from air. Therefore, indoor plants are natural air purifiers. However, some indoor plants that purify air have been labeled as toxic for pets like cats and dogs. Take for instance, the popular snake plant. If you have furry buddies, you need to be careful about this and pick a plant that is safe for them as well.

4 – They encourage healing

Another reason you should consider installing plants in your home is that these can improve your health. Studies show that patients in hospital rooms that had plants had lower blood pressure as well as low levels of anxiety, fatigue, and pain. Furthermore, plants can also help keep common health conditions such as cold, cough, throat-ache, etc. at bay.

5 – They up productivity markers

More and more workspaces are now seen with indoor plants. Why? Because indoor plants can improve productivity levels by 15%. They can also up one’s ability to focus and concentrate. So, if you want to get more done, you better have some leafy green buddies rooted in the pots at your house. A research by The Royal College of Agriculture, England shows that students showed 70% more attentiveness with indoor plants in the room.

6 – They help sleep better

Considering how so many individuals struggle with catching zzz, this benefit of indoor plants is one that is much-needed. You see, flower power in the bedroom can allow you sleep better. Mother-in-law’s tongue or snake plant is a plant which can be placed in your room for encouraging better sleep quality. Other options include lavender or Jasmine plants.

7 – They make the room fragrant

Yet another reason you should add an indoor plant to your home sweet home is that it can keep the air inside fragrant. Chemical sprays can have health damaging impacts. Moreover, some people may also not prefer their fragrance as they find it too artificial. One plant that you can pick for indoor freshness is Peace Lilly.

8 – They serve aesthetics

Placing a vase or pot of indoor plants on the center table or letting a climbing plant like English Ivy cascade down a shelf can add to the décor. If you’re looking for classy and minimal ways to make your house have a cool and beautiful vibe about it go for indoor plants. Not only do they change the look of the room but also its feel.

9 – They can cancel noise

Background noise that interrupts the lives of those who live in buildings on busy-bee streets can be pretty annoying. While indoor plants cannot entirely block out noise, ones with large wide leaves or shrubs can work to somewhat cancel the noise. How? By absorbing it in their fleshy parts. Therefore, not only do these plants add a chic touch to your house’s appearance and promote a calmer mood but also encourage a more relaxing environment.

10 – They can keep your house cool

Some house plants such as Aloe Vera, golden pothos, and the areca palm tree can keep your house cool. Plants are also natural humidifiers as they release moisture which can be a beneficial effect in the wintery months. There are also plants such as cacti which take in water and release minimal moisture in the air.

Wrap up thoughts

Having indoor plants is great for your health and surroundings in many ways. Placing plants in your room can encourage faster healing, better sleep, prevent illnesses, clean the air as well as cancel out background noise along with providing other benefits.

However, it must be kept in mind that these plants require to be maintained. Some plants require more maintenance while others don’t need as much of it. Also, each comes with varying benefits. Hence, one must look into all these factors before deciding on which indoor plants to go for.