Who didn’t have celebrity crushes? From pre-teen years till we turn old there are some of the celebrities whom we like more than the others. There are a wide range of factors behind our special liking for them, for instance, their acting skills, their undeniable beauty, or simply their act of kindness.

Some of these celebrities become are inspirations to be better versions of ourselves either by pursuing or for the sake of doing well for the society. Some of these good people are listed down below who use their fame for good:

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

An extremely talented actor who wooed many through his role as Jack in The Titanic Movie, Leonardo is also quite passionate about the cause of global warming.  Leonardo didn’t shy away from taking this to the politicians. He even talked about it while receiving one of his awards.

  1. Angelina Jolie

Another talented actor and even more passionate humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, is one of the most prominent names when it comes to celebrities working for social causes. Jolie works closely with organizations like UNICEF and UNHCR and works with them on the refugee issue.

  1. Emma Watson

Our childhood wouldn’t have been complete without the Harry Potter Series and Emma being part of it. She hasn’t won her hearts with her remarkable acting skills only, but her kind heart has melted hearts too. She is one of those who have immensely worked for women empowerment. She actively educates and promotes gender equality.

  1. John Legend

If you are a music fan then you must have heard of John Legend at least once. This talented singer has spread his fame in the right direction by promoting the importance of education. He leads various campaigns that promote quality education for every child in the United States.

  1. Zach Galifianakis

Don’t we all love Alan from Hangover Series? Zach Galifianakis aka Alan is surely a man with the kindest heart who definitely didn’t let fame get to him. It was reported that he has actively helped an older woman whom he befriended during his not-so-famous days and have included her in his successful life.

  1. Jessica Alba

How many times do you think of the chemicals that are included in the products we use daily? There are various toxins included in our daily life. Jessica Alba, an actor yet a concerned individual, understood this and founded her company Honest Co., which produces safe and toxic-free products at economical prices.

  1. Alicia Keys

HIV/AIDS is one of the rising concerns especially in the underdeveloped countries and there are various celebrities who work actively for the cause. Alicia Keys’ name is prominent in the list of famous people striving against the issue. She has co-founded ‘Keep A Child Alive,’ an organization for children with AIDS.

  1. John Cena

Who isn’t familiar with John Cena and his ‘You Can’t See Me’ line? This famous wrestler is definitely a softie at heart. He gives time to those who need it the most, he spends quality time with children suffering from severe health issues. He also actively works with the Make A Wish Foundation.

  1. Beyonce

Queen Bey is a queen of hearts! This famous musician uses her fame in all the right way possible. She has worked for issues like gender equality in various countries including her own but that’s not it, her organization Bey Good Foundation helps local charities of many countries.

  1. Madonna

Last but the least is Madonna. She not only adopted one but it seems like she has adopted a country. She has portrayed kindness at its best by founding an organization named Raising Malawi, which works on education and health of Malawi, a country in Africa. Madonna has also adopted children from there.

The list can go one but these are few of the many real stars we have shining in our world. They are the reason for many to smile.