Among the many industries that cannabidiol has entered one is the beauty industry. Perhaps fragrance is the only sector where CBD hasn’t gained any control because apart from that it can be found in facial lotions, body washes, shampoos, lip creams, and even cosmetics.

What makes CBD the right ingredient here, though? You see, cannabidiol is rich in antioxidants which fight free radical damage and prevent accelerated aging. Other than this, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It also heals and moisturizes skin. For this reason, it is considered a viable solution for various skin condition from acne to eczema.

But while you cannot immediately replace all your beauty products with those which have CBD infused, which are some items that you should try? If you’re lost in this thought, don’t be. Here’s a list of 10 CBD beauty products to get started with that are worth trying:

1 – CBD-Infused Foot Cream

Cannabidiol is great for cracked heels as it moisturizes and soothes blisters. Interestingly, it also has antibacterial properties which means it can help with toenail fungal infections. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory nature helps with different types of pains. It can reduce foot arthritic pain as well as heel pain. In fact, Mandy Moore also uses CBD cream for her foot pain from wearing heels.

2 – CBD Lip Balm

A CBD lip balm is a great product for soothing chapped lips because of harsh weather elements. It relieves pain due that arises with lips getting dry and cracked as well as moisturizes. Hemp extract contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins which prevent accelerated aging. Plus, the antibacterial properties of CBD also wipe away germs on your lips.

3 – CBD Shampoo

Did you know that CBD plays a good part in improving your hair health as well? Since it contains all the amino acids there are, it can strengthen your hair. The vitamin content in it fights damage, and antioxidants combat pollution-induced oxidative stress. Minerals like iron and magnesium are also present in CBD which promote blood circulation in the scalp and hence, encourage hair growth.

4 – CBD Bath Bombs

Next up, you need some CBD bath bombs for an amazing bathing experience. People swear that these bath bombs, which also contain essential oils, allow you to enjoy a stress-relieving bath. Furthermore, CBD bath bombs are also great as they moisturize your skin and may alleviate pain after a long exhausting day.

5 – CBD Hand Lotion

Whether you are someone who spends a lot of time with kitchen utensils or lives in an extremely cold temperature, small cuts and injuries on your hands are bound to happen. Not to forget, if its cold then the skin on the fingers can become dry and flaky. In such circumstance, a CBD hand lotion can be a great healing agent that will leave your hands soft and supple.

6 – CBD Moisturizer

As mentioned above, there are many reasons CBD in moisturizers is a good idea. First of all, it heals and soothes dry skin. Secondly, it has anti-aging properties. This means it may prevent the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Lastly, it contains fatty acids which make it a fantastic moisturizing agent.

7 – CBD Bath Salts

Another CBD product that is a must-add are CBD bath salts. If you are craving to enjoy an invigorating bath then the addition of CBD bath salts is one that you should try out. Apart form the pain relief properties offered, the minerals in these bath salts will also improve skin elasticity and tighten your skin.

8 – CBD Sunscreen

You must already be aware of the many reasons you must never skip on sunscreen application. Using a CBD sunscreen is beneficial since CBD prevents oxidative stress from the UV rays of the sun. It also reduces the sting of sunburns and prevents skin irritation. Furthermore, it decreases inflammation and controls oil secretion too.

9 – CBD Soap

CBD soap is one that you should try since it cleanses thoroughly, removes bacteria, calms skin, and reduces redness. It also tightens your skin and makes it supple. Furthermore, it makes your skin healthy. The best part is that CBD is a natural agent that relaxes your skin and has acne reducing properties as well.

10 – CBD Oil

Topical CBD oil is yet another product that your dressing table should have. It can be used for several purposes. If you want pain relief from bones and muscles, consider a transdermal formula. Otherwise, for skincare purposes a formula that is purely topical would work well. It would control excess oil production, reduce pimples, keep skin soft, etc.

So, these were some CBD products that you should go for. Do you have any other great skin and beauty CBD product that you think everyone should try? Tell us in the comments!