Whether you’re renovating your home, shifting to a new one or just looking for more things to add life to your existing décor, house plants can make for a great addition. Not only do indoor plants add a much-needed, stress-relieving burst of green to the house, they also come with other benefits.

First off, they are very aesthetic and give a modern vibe to your home sweet home. And next, they can also be advantageous to your health. NASA found in the 80’s that indoor plants can clean the air of impurities which promotes better air quality and breathing. In some cases, indoor plants also prevent irritation to your eyes, nose, and ears. They can improve your sleep and lower anxiety too.

Wondering which house plants you should get? Here are 10 indoor plants along with their health benefits to choose from:

1 – Weeping Fig

No don’t worry, the Ficus plant is not going to add more reasons to cry to your life. In fact, it can spread more good vibes by means of clearing the air of pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde which come with carpentering work and furniture. These plants are low maintenance, only requiring a place with good light and correct watering.

2 – Aloe Vera

Bet you’ve already heard of the Aloe Vera plant. It comes with various benefits for your skin, after all. Apart from the gel that you can get from its leaves, placing this plant in your house also comes with the perk of getting clearer air that is free of toxins typically associated with paints and household cleansers.

3 – Spider Plant

These plants are for those who are just keeping a plant in their house for the first time and wouldn’t likely remember how to take care of it. That’s how low maintenance they are. Not only do they wipe out some pollutants from the air, they are also known for reducing anxiety and high blood pressure. Interestingly, despite the creepy name the spider plant doesn’t cause any harm to pets.

4 – Snake Plant

Another with a name that may creep you out, a snake plant is great for antipollution measures as well as for improving your breathing as it gives out more oxygen at night. In this manner, it enables you to get better sleep too. Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this plant has made a name for itself for its anti-allergic properties.

5 – Lavender

Lavender is known for its soothing color and aroma. You may want to add lavenders to your house for availing their anti-stress benefits. For instance, this plant is known for reducing anxiety and depression due to its calming nature. In fact, lavender can also lower high blood pressure. To add a cherry on top, lavender oil and lavender aromatherapy too come with some amazing merits for you.

6 – English Ivy

If you are a fan of aesthetics then this climbing plant will probably be the right choice for you. It doesn’t only do the job of cleaning the air of certain toxins, but it also absorbs mold. One study showed that this plant can reduce fecal matter particles as well. The English Ivy also has health benefits for it is an anti-inflammatory, antiviral plant that reduces allergies.

7 – Peace Lily

Yet another plant that can make a great addition to your house is peace lily. This plant clears and freshens the air up. However, you’ll have to make sure that you let its soil stay exposed because that’s where it absorbs polluting toxins after absorbing them through its leaves. One more benefit of this plant is that increases moisture in the air.

8 – Blue Star

Going by the botanical name of Phlebodium and also known as rabbits foot fern, this is another air purifying plant that you can add to your room. By reducing the toxins in the atmosphere, this plant promotes wellness. This blue-green leafed plant is great for your rooms as it looks pretty and is easily manageable as well. Place this animal-safe plant our of direct sunlight.

9 – Areca Palm

Also known Yellow Butterfly Palm and Feather Palm, this plant is one of the most loved house plants. The areca palm plant removes several toxins from the air including acetone, toluene, and xylene. By removing pollutants, areca palm enables you to breathe in fresh air which makes your lungs healthier and strengthens your central nervous system.

10 – Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos takes out some chemicals such as benzene from the air. Benzene is found in glue, detergents, and paints. This plant is very easy to handle as it doesn’t require much light and can also live well with irregular watering. This means it doesn’t die all that fast which makes it a great choice for new plant owners.