It’s no secret that heartthrob Zayn Malik has a new album on the way. Fans are also wondering if this new music of his will have any link with the poems, we mean zoems, that the crooner has been lately sharing on Instagram. However, amidst all this speculation, another news about the Dusk till Dawn singer’s upcoming music has risen up.

In his recent Elle India interview, the star revealed that he was brewing Hindi music. Songs that he will be singing in another language? Of course, fans are delighted! Though initially, he didn’t reveal any deets at all, some reports that have surfaced of late, say that he has collaborated with A.R Rehman for a song. Rehman is a BIG musician and his song “Jai Ho” with Pussy Cat Dolls about a decade back was a super hit!

British songster Zayn, who has Pakistani roots, said in the interview, “It’s one of the first songs I’ve sung in full Hindi, so it’s going to be cool to see what the response to that is.” Allegedly, he has also revealed more, saying “There’s definitely a lot of Urdu; some nice qawwali sounds. There might even be some bhangra vibes. I have worked with AR Rahman on one song.”

With all this came a strong reaction on social media from his fans globally. Though no one even knows for which Indian movie, the former One Direction singer has sung the song, everyone is still thrilled! One person wrote on Twitter, “Zayn Malik is doing a song for a Bollywood movie and that too with A.R. Rahman. Wow. I’m looking forward to this!”

While another tweeted, “the fact that zayn is expanding his music career & dipping into the Bollywood scene is literally making me scream.” Fans across the ocean are all the more excited. Though not much info about this is yet known, we’re pretty sure Zayn wouldn’t not rock this new masterpiece too!