Vogue magazine shared a video on YouTube showing Priyanka Chopra’s moves on Nick Jonas’ song Close. In the vid, Priyanka can be seen in various outfits and looks, dancing to the rhythm of the song while Nick is seen seated with a guitar in his hands.

From the looks of it, what was aiming to be a romantic piece of content for the fans of Nickyanka in the wake of their wedding ceremony, didn’t win at impressing the audience. “I can’t fathom the concept of this video,” commented a Youtuber.

Not only were fans disappointed with the idea, but they also said that Priyanka’s dance was graceless and rough. Several came forward and criticized the dresses that the Quantico actress was made to wear too.

Priyanka can be seen in a cleavage-exposing, stomach-baring red dress as the video starts. Other ensembles include a high-slit silver dress with one sleeve and a colorful bodysuit. One person wrote about the Indian star’s attires, “Those outfits are hideous lmao.”

Another user opined that PC’s outfits didn’t match her personality. The video shows the couple on a birthday set which was another factor that made fans question what was happening. Words like cringy, embarrassing, awkward, and odd were used to describe the video.

Indian fans were quick to point out that typically Priyanka Chopra dances pretty well. So, the choreographer was the one to blame for the not so elegant moves. A YouTube commenter was of the view that the only purpose of the video was to promote their relationship while another pointed out that Vogue’s videos weren’t usually as bad.

“Lol what a joke, now they are making promotional videos for their wedding/relationship. They want their relationship to be a product of the media. Sad,” said the user. Well, once in a while unflattering blunders do happen, no?