2017 has been a booming year for yoga. It has seen innovative new trends in yoga, the rise of the fitness exercises itself, and now, it tells its importance for children. Kids as old as 2 years are hitting the yoga mat and reaping the benefits of this fitness regime. Some come due to doctor recommendations such as a tight calf muscle while others come accompanying their parents.

Regardless of the underlying reason, the number of young yogis is on the rise and research is tapping into the increasing advantage that yoga poses for their kiddos. Gayatri Parikh, the Community Director at BIG Power Yoga that offers yoga classes for the young buds says that no matter what the reason, the benefits of children yoga are great.

Parikh explains the key advantages of yoga, “Flexibility and strength are fundamentals of yoga that benefit adults, as well as children. Kids will improve motor skills. And, perhaps most important, the focus on measured breaths is a tool children can use outside the studio” She also adds the yoga helps minors calm themselves too. So whenever kids swing between their excited episodes or temper tantrums, they know how to swim their way to the balance to attain calm.

The expert trainer also informs about the benefits of family yoga training sessions. She reveals that families get to spend time together, which gives toddlers and parents some bonding time as well. Since kids have the schedule of little busy bees, parents wish to have some time with them when there are more calm than occupied and energetic. Yoga is the best tool for that.

This is, however, a secondary gain. The primary advantage revolves around the ambit of strength and flexibility. The trainer tells, “Kids are strong and flexible, they can do anything. It’s a great age for them to be exploring what’s possible for them physically.”

Past research has also proven that in addition to flexibility and strength, yoga helps to promote mindfulness among children. This is understood as the human ability to be completely present in the moment and be aware of the surroundings and all that is happening. Research has revealed that yoga allows kids to develop better concentration and improved sleeping, which directly contributes to mindfulness.

The research is further backed by Jade Malinovski, Renmark kindergarten yoga instructor who considers yoga as the perfect means for children to become mindful. She says, “Yoga is about being mindful and using your breath and your body to be aware… Children use the games and activities that we do to navigate the tricky world we live in and it’s a way for them to learn how to calm themselves down, center themselves, and know there’s a place within them they can go when they need to.”

Of course, yoga classes with children packed in the space is a noisy sight to marvel at as compared to the calm that vibrates through the traditional yoga classes. But the rising numbers and increasing instructors’ dedication in the field of children yoga classes pays testament to its significance and countless advantages.

Despite the noise though, children end up striking the cobra pose and keep track of their breathing. This results in their gaining more strength and flexibility. A cherry on top of it is the calmness that descends on children so that they can better balance their emotions that often point toward the extremes. Not to forget, the recent research adds to the yoga advantages for children by showing how it assists children in getting adequate mindfulness.