Oh boy, it seems as though there’s a lot going on – in The Weeknd’s mind. Or must we say heart? Abel Tesfaye, who was in a relationship with Bella Hadid before he was in a relationship with Justin Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez was seen by onlookers sharing lovey-dovey moments with his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid at Coachella.

Reports suggest that the Canadian crooner and the younger Hadid girl had nothing to hide and were pretty open about the affection. A festival insider reported to People, that they, Hadid and Tesfaye, “definitely looked like they were fully back together,” and that they “were sitting on each other’s laps and all over each other all night long.”

This happened just a night after The Weeknd sang his headlining set at the Coachella music festival during which he was seen teary-eyed while singing songs that are allegedly about his ex Selena Gomez. The lyrics of his song Privilege which fans assume is about Gomez say, “Enjoy your privileged life ‘cause I’m not gonna hold you through the night. We said our last goodbyes so let’s just try to end it with a smile.”

“Selena really broke this man’s heart,” wrote one fan on Twitter. According to reports, the audience that saw The Weeknd in tears included Bella Hadid and Justin Bieber, but Selena Gomez was not there. However, fans also think that his latest album is not just about Gomez but Hadid as well, whom he has been low-key trying to woo since her breakup with One Dance singer Drake.

But that’s not all the scoop on the Call Out My Name songster’s love life lately. On Saturday night at the festival, the 28-year-old was sharing his heart with Chantel Jeffries, DJ, social media favorite, and also an ex of, you guess it, Justin Bieber. They walked around the fields together in hugs and later Jeffries was seen resting her head on The Weeknd’s shoulder.