Victoria’s Secret has once again made it to the headlines. One would think that now that the show is behind, the brand would take a break from stirring controversies. But that is definitely not the case. First came, all the obstacles that kept crawling in the way of VS. With Gigi and several other models dropping out, Katy Perry being replaced and much more.

Then when the show took place, one of their finest angels fell. Next came the controversy of the offensive N-word the models were caught using backstage. Not to forget, Victoria’s Secret resurrected one of its past mistakes, that of cultural appropriation and put it on the front yet again. Now the lingerie house has been slammed once again, this time for almost copying Pat McGrath.

Victoria’s Secret just released its Bombshell fragrance’s latest version in a packaging that uncannily resembles Pat McGrath’s unique style of packing products. Pat McGrath Labs’ cosmetics come beautifully enclosed in a sequin-filled, metallic packaging. And VS seems to be supremely impressed with the cosmetics brand’s magical ways.

Instagram account @diet_prada pointed out the similarity quickly, posting shots of the packaging of both the brands side by side. The pictures were captioned, “In 2017, women are not shopping @victoriassecret the way they used to. They’re still offering padded bras, airbrushing, and ill-advised “tribal” runway looks to a world of women who are increasingly questioning the status quo. Another new strategy – knocking off the mythical goddess @patmcgrathreal and her instantly iconic makeup packaging. Hey VS – the way to win women back is DEFINITELY not by copying them.”

To this Pat McGrath, herself replied with a screaming face emoji. The post also attracted a lot of likes and comments, one of which read, “Girl i literally thought this was a new @patmcgrathreal product it was so accurate😫 love you mom stay strong against the unoriginal.” What do you think?